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This week we're excited to feature Scott Herman! An online fitness coach who balances work, fitness, the day-to-day grind, and of course living and eating healthy! Here's why Scott is our Everyday ICON of the week...

What do you do? (Job-wise)

I am an online fitness coach and one of the very first influencers to begin teaching fitness on YouTube back in 2009! I currently have over 2.3 Million subscribers and deliver educational fitness content on a weekly basis through my videos and my website!

Scott Herman Fitness

What made you want to start producing fitness content?

Well to be honest, I’ve worked in a gym since I was 14 years old and by the time I was 23 I was the General Manager of my club. I was concerned that the club was losing members because they couldn’t afford a personal trainer.  So I thought if I could record and post exercise demos for all the equipment / exercise in the gym that I could at least give these members a fighting chance to reach their goals and keep their excitement high!

Why Icon Meals? What makes us different?

What really drew me in was the SEASONINGS! Granted the food is amazing, but to have such a wide variety of seasonings is just the icing on top!  But seasonings aside, I really enjoy how well the portions of protein carbs and fat are spread out in each meal.  No matter what kind of diet you’re on or whether you’re bulking or cutting, you can find exactly what you need or you can even create your own meals.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Keep it simple, stupid! (KISS). I’m the type of person who overcomplicates things.   It could be my OCD though… haha.  But even when it comes to training, I used to make my workouts so complicated.  But now, I focus on big compounds and only exercises that WORK.  The same goes for my eating.  I don’t kill myself trying to count every calorie.  I focus on protein in every meal and make sure I have good portions of veggies as well. That’s all you need to make gains!

You are a social media “influencer” what are you doing to be “influential” in today’s society?

I would say my biggest contribution is doing what I can to help get my subscribers on the same path when it comes to fitness. The KISS method.  There are SO MANY videos and creators online and everyone is looking for an “angle” or “niche” and 9 times out of 10 that just ends up leading to some complicated BS that will do more harm than good. Also, I am a TRUE 100% lifetime natural athlete. I understand that the struggles of pushing through plateaus and trying to make gains without added “help” and I know that resonates with my fitness family.

Who is your biggest inspiration? Why?

My biggest inspiration is Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z. Now some of you might say, “He isn’t a real person.”  But what makes the achievements of an Anime Character any different than a real person whom you most likely will never meet or interact with as well?  Stories are stories and for the non Dragon Ball Z fans, Vegeta is fighter who always seems to be one step behind in terms of power and strength and despite that NEVER loses his conviction to be the best and achieve higher levels or power and skill on his own.  Whenever I want to quit or make up an excuse, I just imagine Vegeta telling me I am trash.  Haha… Hardcore right?  But it works!

How do you balance work and life demands?

Well, the best answer is that I don’t… however I am getting better at it! I recently moved to Florida to try to find a better balance. I am from New Hampshire/Massachusetts and realized that I was wasting a lot of time each day with training and filming my content because everything was just too spread out.  I had my own studio to film my videos, but as soon as winter hit, between shoveling snow and waiting for the place to heat up, a 20 minute video would take 3 hours to film.  Not good.  But now in Florida, I have my gym/studio in my home and my local L.A. Fitness is about 5 minutes away.  So I have a lot more time for my wife and daughter and my stress levels are wayyyyyyyyy under 9000! (that’s a Vegeta reference btw, haha)

What do you want your legacy to be? How do you want to be remembered?

I want to be remembered as a man who REALLY wanted to help people and changed millions of lives. That’s why I started this whole thing to begin with.  To teach fitness to the world and I believe that I have done that, but can continue to reach even MORE people every day!

What is your current focus? Any plans for the future?

My current focus is research. I’ve been doing the same thing for so long that I need something new to dig into.  Infact, I have recently found Nuclei Overload Training to be VERY interesting.  It’s sort of a complicated thing to explain, but basically comes down to daily full body training to spark more muscle growth.  I just posted an AMAZING video about it on my YouTube channel.  You should all check it out!  It will blow your mind!

What are your favorite Icon Meals? Or favorite thing about Icon Meals?

So like I said earlier… I use the KISS method! So I order the same stuff every week which usually consists of “Salmon, Saffron Rice & Green Beans”, “Beef Medallions, Rice & Green Beans” and “Seared Steak, Rice & Veggie Mix”.  I still do some of my own meal prepping as well and what I really enjoy is being able to combine my food with ICON MEALS. For example, I cook a lot of rice, mushrooms, salmon and veggies so if I am feeling extra hungry I just pop in an ICON MEAL and then heat up some of my own food.  This makes MY meal prepped food lasts longer and I don’t have to cook as much each week so it keeps my time in the kitchen minimal as well which is REALLY HELPFUL!

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