Who We Are

Followers of the ICON Order

“The Relentless Pursuit of Greatness”

The tenets of the ICON Order are our guide.


Waking up happy to be blessed with another day, and reflecting on the blessings from all your previous days. Making good decisions and inspiring others along the way.


Selflessly serving others as best you can. Making service to family, friends, and community a responsibility and a duty.


Voluntarily and proactively committing to the responsibilities life throws at us. Owning what we need to do, never hiding from it. Being accountable.


“Slow and steady wins the race.” Focusing on making slower, more permanent progress at a consistent pace instead of sprinting from the starting line.


Standing tall with a smile and a spark of excitement. Recognizing how lucky we are to be here and to pursue our purpose in life, serving others along the way.


Setting realistic, attainable goals to help keep your actions aligned with your priorities. Providing purpose, strength, and happiness to your work.


Fueling a healthy mind alongside a healthy body. Being ready to pivot and evolve with new knowledge.


Building and growing relationships with those who motivate and inspire you to be the best version of yourself.

How Does Icon Meals Work?

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The ICONIC Process

How we cook, pack, & ship

How We Cook

HACCP Certified Kitchen & State Inspected Daily

All of our meals pass through rigorous food & safety inspection tests daily and are prepared fresh in a HACCP certified kitchen ensuring you the safest cooking process in the industry.

How We Pack

Hi-Tech Meals & Max Freshness For You!  

Icon is an industry leader in cryo-vac meal technology. Each meal is plated in a 100% recyclable microwave-safe food container and vacuum-sealed to retain freshness.

How We Ship

Fresh From Our Kitchen To Your Front Door

All your meals are delivered in a recyclable corrugated box with a special environmentally safe thermal liner and dry ice to make sure your meals are in optimal condition.


Shop meals, snacks, & more

Decisions... decisions... decisions. Get started with our weekly menu, build your custom meals, save time with our pre-made boxes, dive into a la carte options, or load up on our famous protein snacks and seasonings. Are you ready for all this goodness?

Weekly Meals

A delicious new menu every week, prepared fresh by our expert chefs.

Custom Meals

Let us build the perfect custom meal or breakfast to fit your lifestyle!

Icon Boxes

Save even more time with our pre-made meal boxes! Lean, chef specials... more!


Take your meal prep to the next level with a tasty selection of ICON seasonings!

Protein Popcorn & Snacks

Not all snacks were created equal... check out our amazing lineup of protein snacks.

A La Carte

DIY meals! Choose from a fresh collection of proteins, carbs, and veggies.

We Care About The Environment!

Each meal is plated in a 100% recyclable, microwave-safe food container and delivered in a recyclable corrugated box containing a special environmentally safe thermal liner.

We also use dry ice to make sure your meals are in optimal condition. We designed it this way on purpose and are always looking for ways to further reduce our carbon footprint.


Delivery/Pick Up

It get's better! We can deliver your order direct to your door or schedule a local pick up if you live in or around the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area. (We can feel the excuses fading away...)

At checkout you'll be able to select a delivery date for your meals, making it a GREAT way to meal prep for you and your family.


Heat & Enjoy

Heat up your meals (microwave or oven) for a quick and healthy meal without the fuss of cooking.

That's it! In just minutes you can have a delicious, chef prepared meal ready for you to enjoy. Simple, convenient, fresh, and affordable.