About Us

“Making Food Simple So You Have Time To Make Yourself Great”

At ICON Meals, we believe that when people have the freedom to chase their dreams and realize their potential, great things will follow. We believe life’s basic needs shouldn’t take away from our deepest desires.

We give people this freedom by making those basic needs simple, without sacrificing health, quality, or individuality. We make food you want. When you want it. Delivered where you need it. So that your life has one less interruption. 



The Origin Story

It started with a need and a passion. The passion was bodybuilding and the need was food. Specific food, at specific times, multiples times a day. Just imagine the headache of shopping, preparing, eating, and cleaning 6 full meals a day, 7 days a week, along with the rest of the complexities of work and personal life. If we faced this problem, others like us must face it too. So we set out to provide a solution by blending the nutritional needs of fitness athletes with the culinary magic of a professional chef. Eating might be a necessity for survival, but it sure doesn’t need to be monotonous.

Having provided a solution to the needs of a specific group of people, you can picture our surprise when most of our customers weren’t serious fitness enthusiasts. They were moms, dads, teachers, business owners, police officers, and college students. They were busy people, with unique interests and desires, trying to manage the complexities of life. And we were able to simplify their daily need to eat without the usual compromises of health, quality, and time. At its core, the problem they faced was the same one we set out to solve: how can we get more time in our lives?


It was at this point that we started piecing together what would become our fundamental mission...

Grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, fast food, restaurants, TV dinners; these were the food options and each required sacrifices. Life is getting busier. Work is requiring more of our time. Family and friends require time. We need time for sleep. Life takes so much of our time that something gets sacrificed in the end. Food didn’t have to be a part of the equation. We shouldn’t have to choose between health, quality, variety, specificity, or time at the expense of the others just to satisfy a basic need. So we’ve made it our mission to make sure people don’t have to make those sacrifices.

We’re giving you your time back, and all we ask in return is that you spend it on the things that make your life worth living. Whether that’s fulfilling a dream, making a difference in the world, pursuing a hobby, giving more time to family or work, or simply having time to slow down, relax, and better enjoy what you have.

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