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    Free Workout Plan! Build Muscle & Burn Fat | by Bartley Weaver

    Free Workout Plan! Build Muscle & Burn Fat | by Bartley Weaver

    I'm excited for you! You took the leap... to make a change. But, I have to tell you something. This program will not work for you.

    Superset City is not JUST a workout program, it's a mentality. The program doesn't work for you, you work for it.

    I can give you the guidance, the techniques, and tell you everything you need to know - but if you don't make a decision right now to put in the work, you will never see results.

    Hopefully you're still with me... If that all sounds good with you, let's get to work!

    The Vision

    What is a goal, and what is a vision? Why do you need both?

    A goal and a vision are two different things. Imagine yourself... happy and healthy with a 6-pack, on the beach, enjoying life.

    That's a vision. Maybe not your vision... what is your vision? Take a moment and put yourself there.

    The Goal

    Now that you have a vision, what are your goals?

    A goal is not "I want a six-pack", that's a vision. A goal should be a measurable amount of work over a certain period of time that's in-line with your vision. So, good news... you want to build lean muscle mass? Your goal is simple, commit to the work on Superset City.

    Each day that you do the work, you achieve your goal. Each day that you achieve your goal, you're closer to the vision. Simple.

    It's a huge relief when you embrace this, because it's no longer a mystery. You don't have to think about it! Determine the vision, set up the goals, and do the work. Success is just around the corner.

    The Work

    Now, we're ready to do the work. Follow this workout. Get excited... It's time. 

    <<Download your workout program here>>

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    3 Principles to Transform Your Health by Rachel Scheer

    3 Principles to Transform Your Health by Rachel Scheer

    These principles are applicable to any area of your life that you want to improve, not just fitness.

    It's not supposed to be easy. ⁣

    But, it's made easier when you focus on what you can control right now.⁣ You can't fully control how quickly you lose weight or how quickly you develop healthier habits.⁣ Or... how quickly you improve your relationship with food.⁣

    But you CAN control what you do today.⁣

    When you're feeling overwhelmed or discouraged, take a step back and remind yourself that you are only responsible for the actions you take today.⁣

    Imperfect action beats inaction. ⁣

    Something beats nothing⁣, every time. 

    A 15-min walk beats skipping your your workout.⁣

    ⁣One healthy meal beats eating crap all day.⁣

    ⁣One hour of study beats winging it on test day.⁣

    Doing something will always move you forward, doing nothing keeps you stuck in the same place. ⁣

    Don't underestimate this principle. ⁣

    Motivation starts with action.⁣

    You'll have days when the last thing you wanna do is plan your meals and work out.⁣

    I have those days too... all the time. 😅⁣

    But, I'll force myself to make something happen no matter what.⁣ I know that motivation comes from taking action, and the more action I take, the more motivated I'll feel.⁣

    Motivation is fickle, but it's also tameable.⁣

    So take action — even if it's small — and watch how your motivation changes for the better!

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    What Human Pattern Is Holding You Back? By Ann Marie Lawrence

    What Human Pattern Is Holding You Back? By Ann Marie Lawrence

    People have so many patterns they follow which hold them back from succeeding! I am not here to call you out on your “bad” patterns, but I am here to help you identify them so we can acknowledge and move forward. 

    Which of these patterns is holding you back?

    1. Putting others first and yourself last. When you do this, you lack the ability to give to others around your full potential! If your cup is empty, you can’t fill anyone else’s.

    2. Controlling others. Focusing everything on other people and trying to perfect them before you have even started working on yourself. Note: Don’t be a hypocrite.

    3. Assuming the worst. The reoccurrence of negative thoughts brings consistent anxiety in your life leaving you unable to grow. 

    4. Playing small. You’re not living up to your true potential!

    5. Perfectionism. The socially acceptable form of procrastination that we regard as high standards. Note: TAKE ACTION! Making imperfect progress is better than doing nothing at all with the obsession of "perfection" holding you back.

    6. Doubting your higher wisdom, heart, or your intuition. Our intuition knows best, although our primal mind thinks it's unsafe. When you aren’t taking risks, you kill your soul! Take uncertain action everyday! Do something that scares you everyday. 

    7. Addiction. Anything that is negatively taking time away from your purpose. Addiction and obsession are two very different things. Know the difference! This is distracting you from your true potential.

    8. Procrastination: not taking the actions you know you need to because you’re SCARED. Scared of either failure OR success.

    9. Toxicity. Holding on to anything that doesn’t serve you!

    10. Need for approval or acceptance from your peers and family; most likely fear of isolation.

    Identify your old “bad" patterns and begin to make a shift! YOU are responsible for your results in life.

    Stay connected with Ann Marie Lawrence on IG at @annmarielawrence

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    Scott Herman | Fitness Content Creator | Everyday Icon

    Scott Herman | Fitness Content Creator | Everyday Icon

    This week we're excited to feature Scott Herman! An online fitness coach who balances work, fitness, the day-to-day grind, and of course living and eating healthy! Here's why Scott is our Everyday ICON of the week...

    What do you do? (Job-wise)

    I am an online fitness coach and one of the very first influencers to begin teaching fitness on YouTube back in 2009! I currently have over 2.3 Million subscribers and deliver educational fitness content on a weekly basis through my videos and my website!

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