Building Momentum

From Kristie Barker ( @kristiebarkerofficial )

As you begin your fitness journey, check off your first successful day of working out and eating well. Then the next day. And the next. With focus and discipline you are gaining momentum, and results will become evident soon.

Momentum is the building force of a process in motion — ”keeping the ball rolling” — that we create ourselves. Momentum is just as easily destroyed, usually at the crucial time when it’s peaking.

For example, let’s say you’ve been on track with your diet and exercise, feeling great and making a lot of progress. Most of us only visit this time and place of high momentum a few times in our lives, and it’s a strange place to be! The sense of being completely in control, confident and peaceful, is unfamiliar because we are problem-oriented as a species. We will sabotage our own progress because we’re more comfortable in a state of struggle.

When your momentum is starting to grow, the people in your life will see you putting in the work and laying down tracks. After a few weeks of consistency your momentum will really be speeding along, and you’ll feel happy with where you are. You’ll feel great because you’re making real progress.

Your momentum continues to grow and soon people are actually commenting on your changes. You’re starting a shift into a new place within yourself that craves the work. This is IT, this is the sweet spot everyone wants to obtain! But most don’t…because they don’t know where to start.

To put your goals in motion, you need to first create a realistic game-plan to meet realistic goals. Then you must find ONE mentor or coach, and I emphasize only one. Here’s what makes a good coach:

  1. They are, and have been, where you want to be.
  2. You look up to them, can ask them questions, and get their advice.
  3. They specialize in your goal area. Want to lose weight? Find a weight loss coach.
  4. They teach you to challenge yourself and keep the momentum going.

Do your research on a coach. Is there evidence of them helping others? What are their methods? Is what they offer realistic within your life?

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