Empower Your Journey: Wellness Wednesday with Sarah Ann Lopez

Ever feel like the clock is ticking faster than you can achieve your goals? You're not alone! As a solo mom, entrepreneur, and fitness enthusiast, I know a thing or two about juggling priorities and maximizing my time. In this Wellness Wednesday special, I'll share my top hacks for boosting productivity and focus through food, empowering you to navigate your own journey to health and success.

The most valuable advice I've ever received is: "Forget time management; focus on attention management." As a single mom scaling a business, striving to live a healthy lifestyle, and still working my day job, I've quickly learned how true this is. It's not that my days were short on hours; rather, they were filled with distractions and my inability to think outside the box.

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Here are some tips that have helped me integrate healthy habits into my busy life:

Take Inventory of your day:

To increase self-awareness, I documented my day to identify distractions like endless Instagram scrolling, watching TV, and saying yes to too many things. Once I was able to identify specifics, it made much easier to eliminate them.

Set Realistic Goals:

With my all-or-nothing mindset, I had to intentionally set achievable goals to avoid feeling overwhelmed or completely losing interest. For instance, a 40-minute workout is more realistic for my schedule than a 1.5-hour one. Not only did this encourage me to go more often, knowing I didn't have to sacrifice important tasks, but I was also less likely to lose interest in my workout and avoid unnecessary lengthy conversations at the gym

Start Small, Think Big:

Begin with small steps, like cutting out fast food, soda, or swapping unhealthy snacks for healthier options. Building on small victories will keep you motivated and compound over time, preventing you from burning out and helping you reach your goal even faster. By the way, ICON Meals has delicious and healthy snack choices! Cheddar popcorn is my ultimate fav!  

Plan Ahead:

Block out times in your schedule to give full undivided attention to your tasks, gym time, and meals the night before to minimize distractions. I’ve found having a plan provides me flexibility and maintain a sense of control, especially when things don’t go as planned.


Explore outsourcing tasks such as grocery shopping by ordering online for pickup, choosing macro-friendly meals from ICON Meals for quick healthy choices. Even consider the non-health-related tasks; for instance, if your budget permits, hiring a cleaning service can give you at least 4+ hours of focus towards more meaningful tasks. 

Think of these tips as tools to help you handle your daily choices better, making you more productive and focused on a healthier lifestyle. Take your time figuring out what works best for you – it might need a bit of trial and error. Just keep going, and don't give up on your journey to more successful and healthier version of you!

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