What Really Goes Into Your Food? Inside ICON Meal's HACCP Certified Kitchen

Do know how your meals are really prepared?

What is really in your meal?

If you think all meals and prepared food is created equal you might want to take a more in depth look and ask a few more questions!!

Watch this video above of our Executive Chef, Danny Aguilar as he walks you through the processes here at Icon Meals!

How to better educate the end Consumer?

One of the our most frustrating and in the same sentence important agenda items.

Not everyone plays by the same rules, and even when all companies are “suppose to” they fly under the radar of any governing body just hoping that they don’t have an issues that causes them to be scrutinized.

fly under the radar cartoon

As a meal/food manufacturer there are tons of regulations, compliance, and guidelines to follow if you CHOOSE to file, then register and APPLY for a “grant or inspection by the state and or then inspection under USDA”.

Once a business does this their journey has JUST BEGUN as you “LEVEL UP” - into a whole other world of safety, and quality assurances aimed to protect consumers.  The amount of additional daily work, record keeping, tracking and overall inspection, scrutiny and COST becomes a whole new game and heightened level of understanding and expertise is essential.

Now you know how Icon Meals does it. So if you haven't ordered from us yet and are using the competition still...ask yourself, "what's really going into your food?"

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