What Makes Icon Meals Unique?

ICON Meals provides chef prepared, great tasting, convenient, fresh ready-to-eat meals and high protein snacks that meet nutritional needs at an affordable price.

We operate under a grant of inspection (FDA & USDA) whereas many companies in the industry do not.

Icon Meals Kitchen

 We utilize a Vacuum SealPackaging technology to extend  the shelf life on Fresh Food to 12- 21 days and up to 6+ months if the consumer chooses to freeze the meals.

Icon Meals Cryo Vac Technology Head Chef Danny

We ship nationwide in the US overnight for next day delivery of direct-to-consumer meal orders.

Icon Meals Shipping FedEX

The idea of ICON Meals was born from knowing that eating healthy, consistently is hard. A frustration exists of not being able to find fresh, healthy prepared meals that taste great, are conveniently able to be purchased and consumed from a reputable brand whose quality is trustworthy.

We set out to make the process and overall experience simple, convenient, fresh, affordable and hassle- free.

Fresh Affordable Convenient Simple Icon Meals

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