From Michael Mastrucci (@themacrodiabetic)

Restraint-bias. Per Wikipedia: “The tendency for people to over-estimate their ability to control impulsive behavior.” Impulse can be summed up with a simple explanation, essentially it’s when you say you’re committed to doing one thing but your impulses causes you to do something else. A bias is a shortcut our brain makes without our permission. While there’s nothing inherently WRONG with impulsive behavior, if it conflicts with rational decision making, you might find yourself often feeling defeated and that you can’t stick to your goals. 

For example: You track calories/macros based on foods you’ve logged into MyFitnessPal but have untracked “tastes” of things here and there…Or you finish eating meals you planned for the day but have something that seemingly “blows” your macros.

In instances like these, the worst thing you can do is chock it up to failure for the day and continue eating “off-book”. Not only can this lead to a derailment of progress with your goals, but can create habits that are difficult to change the more you let them occur.

It’s important to keep in mind our caloric intake doesn’t operate on a 24 hour period. More specifically, our energy consumption is a continuous, forward-moving intake. That said, it’s never “too late” to make adjustments (like at least trying to generously estimate what you think you ate) or compensating by taking a low day/distributing those calories throughout the following few days to balance out.

Keep healthy nutritional habits and a good relationship with your mind, body and food. It’s meant to be enjoyed, but there’s no reason to let a few slips destroy your progress or goals!

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