What I Eat In A Day- The Mom Hack For Busy Meal Times

As a business owner, a mom of two small kids, and a wife, my life tends to be extremely hectic! So anything to make my life easier… I’M👏 ALL 👏 FOR 👏 IT!

Most people expect fitness professionals to be super motivated and ‘’on track’’ all the time, but here’s the thing: a few months ago, I started noticing some mental and physical changes…and not good ones! I wasn’t as sharp and focused as I could be. I felt a little sluggish at times. And the headaches — man! I was getting them about every day!

I realized I wasn’t feeling well because I wasn’t fueling my body properly. I was neglecting meal prep, which then led me to snacking all afternoon. I found myself grabbing whatever I could get my hands on, eating all these calories, but I couldn’t really tell what I ate or how much. Of course since I wasn’t eating a proper meal, these snacks I ate all afternoon never satisfied my hunger. So what would I do? Eat more, get hungry a short while later, snack again. It became this vicious cycle.

I knew something had to change, but at the same time I didn’t want to spend my weekends batch cooking and would much rather use that time creating memories with my family. Plus, I am not a fan of cooking.

I then realized that a meal prep company was exactly what I needed. That’s when I started using ICON Meals! As much as a lifesaver this concept was, I didn’t want to spend a ton of money either. So I started buying meals just for my lunches Monday–Friday.


ICON Meals helped me become more focused on my work. I stopped being hungry all afternoon  and lost the headaches I kept getting from only snacking. I started having delicious meals I enjoyed eating, and they gave me more energy to keep going until dinner.

I noticed my mental and physical health improved, too. My body thrived as soon as I started using ICON Meals!

My Daily Eating Timeline


In the morning I start with a couple of slices of Protein Bread and coffee. It has 15g of protein and only 140 calories! I am not a big breakfast person so these couple slices of bread in the mornings before I go train are perfect! 


For lunch I normally have Salmon, Saffron Rice & Green Beans and let me tell you…I could seriously eat this every single day. So good! But I do mix it up so I also have the Chicken Baked Ziti, or the Beef Medallions, Saffron Rice & Green Beans.


If I want a little afternoon snack I will usually have some fruit. Or if I want something a little sweeter, I’ll eat ICON Meals’ Protein Popcorn — perfect for family movie night snacks!


Most nights my husband or I will cook so we can all eat together as a family. However, if my husband is gone on a business trip our dinner is definitely an ICON Meal! My daughter is always asking me for Chicken Baked Ziti — no joke, if I’m having it for lunch she comes running before I take my first bite.

Meal prep makes life so convenient, keeping my kids eating healthy when I don’t feel like cooking! ICON saves me so much time by not having to plan meals or go to the grocery store. The quality of the food keeps me ordering again and again.

I never thought vacuumed-sealed meals would make my life so much easier, but here we are!

I primarily coach moms, and I’ve noticed my clients started to get significant results after trying ICON Meals. The convenience allows them to stay consistent and get results much faster.

When you order your meals, make sure to tag me at @nathaliamelofit and let me know your favorites!

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