ICON Meals Seared Salmon With Butter Herb Sauce!

Pan Seared Salmon with Butter Herb Sauce is one of the tastiest, easiest recipes you’ll ever try!  Tender salmon fillets are pan seared until perfectly golden brown then covered in a simple, vibrant and rich butter sauce. This will be your new favorite! Everything you need for this recipe can be found at ICON Meals!

When you think there’s just no time for dinner, there’s always time when you order from ICON Meals a la carte menu.

But here we’ve got 5 extra minutes so we made this seriously delicious butter herb sauce with our ICONIC Flavors. That saying the “the secret’s in the sauce” holds true on this one!

Pan Seared Salmon Ingredients

  • Salmon fillets – main ingredient. The salmon is 3 pieces of our a la cart salmon. This is rich in omega 3 and a great source of protein!
  • Asparagus - From our a la carte menu.
  • ICONIC Flavors Butter Herb Seasoning – for a layer of flavor in the butter sauce.
  • 6 oz of melted unsalted butter – for richness.
  • Parsley – for a nice colorful garnish.

Here's how this delicious meal is made:

1. Mix 6oz of melted, unsalted butter with 1 tablespoon of the butter herb seasoning.


2. Cut the asparagus, then place the salmon on top.


3. Drizzle the butter mixture over everything. (About 3- 4oz of mixture. Depending how much flavor you wish to add).

4. ENJOY!!!
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