My Fitness Journey: Things I Wish I Would Have Known!

From Kristie Barker ( @kristiebarkerofficial )

Things I wish I would have known when I started my fitness journey!

1)  Don’t overthink workouts. There was so many times I doubted if I was doing things wrong and wasting time - but I soon realized mistakes are bound to be made and so long as I keep learning I’ll always keep making progress!

2)  Don’t do diet fads. I would eat only fruits and veggies (💩 I don’t recommend!) or I would only eat protein powder and broccoli (💨 I don’t recommend!). Once I learned macros - I no longer had fear of foods and ditched all or nothing because BALANCE!

3)  You don’t need lifting gloves 😂 calluses are a right of passage.

4)  Don’t fear what other people think when you’re at the gym! If people are watching you it’s because you’re inspiring them (unless you're singing and dancing then they are wishing they had your confidence 😂)

5)  Don’t wish the process away. I wished SO badly I was where I’m at today that I missed out a lot on just loving myself and being happy every step of the way.

6)  Have a good attitude! You don’t HAVE to go to the gym and eat healthy - you GET to. It’s a privilege not a punishment.

7)  Invest in coaches, trainers, mentors who have helped others get to where you wanna be! I tried to learn everything on my own - but in total over the years I’ve had 6 different coaches that I learned so much and different things from!

8)  Be willing to learn new things, accept you may not always be right, and be eager to improve!

9)  Don’t make fake promises. Don’t promise yourself you’ll never eat sugar or carbs again. Don’t promise yourself you’ll workout everyday for a year. You’ll only disappoint yourself! Instead make small realistic goals, focus on habits, and work on consistency!

That’s all I can think of for now (there’s definitely more!). My point is DON'T wait to make changes, don't wait for perfect timing, don’t look for the perfect diet - dive in! Learn! And you’ll figure out what you love and works best for you!

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