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    My Fitness Journey: Things I Wish I Would Have Known!

    My Fitness Journey: Things I Wish I Would Have Known!

    Things I wish I would have known when I started my fitness journey!

    1)  Don’t overthink workouts. There was so many times I doubted if I was doing things wrong and wasting time - but I soon realized mistakes are bound to be made and so long as I keep learning I’ll always keep making progress!

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    ICONIC Interview With UFC Fighter Joanne 'JoJo' Woods

    ICONIC Interview With UFC Fighter Joanne 'JoJo' Woods
    Joanne ‘JoJo’ Calderwood, now known as Joanne Wood following her marriage to her husband John Wood. Joanne is a beloved Scottish fighter who is always up for a challenge. She is a professional mixed martial artist and former Muay Thai champion who competes in the Women's Flyweight division of the UFC. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with JoJo and ask a few questions!

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    Mental Nutrition

    Mental Nutrition

    From Michael Mastrucci (@themacrodiabetic)

    We often associate things like exercise and diet with physical improvement while mental-specific activities like reading keep our mind sharp. However, something I don’t see or hear enough of is how our food choices play into our mental state.

    At one point, we all learned how to track calories/macros and how this affected our physique. Through this, we discovered how to manipulate food choices to allow us the ability to fit “fun” foods into our diet plan. While I’m a proponent of flexible dieting, there’s plenty of people that take these “fun” foods (or more of an IIFYM approach) to an extreme.

    I believe it’s important to find a balance between both nutrient-dense and nutrient-void foods to allow you to truly enjoy your nutritional protocols…but if consistently leaning towards more nutrient-void foods begs the question; have you ever considered how food affects your mind?

    Whether it’s the ability to focus for long periods, processing information, or just clear-headed decision making, your brain NEEDS nutrients just as much as your body.

    While everyone runs on different wavelengths, and some can get away with a more “loose” sort of diet, it’s extremely important to pay attention to not only how our food choices make us feel or operate physically, but mentally as well.

    Enjoy that donut, cereal, ice cream, or whatever treats you love indulging in, but don’t rob yourself of proper fuel just because it fits your macros.

    How To Eat Healthy In College

    How To Eat Healthy In College

    From Michael Mastrucci (@themacrodiabetic)

    College students are no strangers to full class loads that include cramming for exams, late-night studying, and regular assignments or projects. Many students take on part-time (and some even full-time) jobs to keep some money in their pocket, be it for course materials they may need, some weekend spending money, or trying to get ahead on their savings. While everyone works for that end-goal or "light at the end of the tunnel" there's no doubt things can be hectic and feel like they might never let up.

    But amidst the chaos in trying to keep the pace going and not fall short on whatever deadlines you may face, it's of the utmost importance to NEVER neglect your health.

    Sometimes it seems like all you have time for between classes and studying is to reach for a pack of ramen, an energy drink, or some fast food on the corner. And while all food is sustenance in some way, WHAT you put in your body determines just how far and well you'll be able to perform both physically and mentally.

    While I'm not here to bore you with a word problem, assuming you hear enough of those in math class already, think of your body and mind as a car. You have a long trip ahead of you and need to ensure your car doesn't just drive as long as you need, but that you won't have any permanent breakdowns along the way. Knowing your car runs on a certain type of fuel, ask yourself: what would putting the WRONG fuel in my car do for my journey? Would it be able to function optimally to get me where I need to go?

    You see, food is the same.

    By choosing relatively unprocessed, whole-food sources you're providing your body with the ability to remain healthy and your mind the opportunity to remain focused on the demands placed on it. Of course, this can be easier said than done, as those quick grab-and-go types of foods aren't just convenient (and often cheaper than the healthy stuff), they tend to taste better too. But the keyword here is "cheap" and opting for foods that give you the RIGHT nutrients offer you more than just "growing big and strong.”

    Back in my college days, I put a lot of the wrong fuel in my body. Sleepless nights studying were often fueled by too much caffeine and convenience store snacks. This often came at the cost of lethargy, low energy throughout the day, and just feeling like I was in a constant mental fog no matter how much I slept or tried to get into a studying groove during my classes.

    How I wish I had ICON Meals then!

    What I enjoy most about them is how they don't just give healthy options to choose from (be it their weekly Signature Menu or their custom meal options) but they all taste great. These days my routine stays just as busy between auditing classes from my degree as well as running my own web development company. This keeps me extremely busy and I don't have time to stop what I'm doing to cook every single meal, much less spend my weekend grocery shopping, cooking, and prepping the following week's meals in advance.

    ICON Meals doesn't just take the guess-work out of what I'm going to eat, they save me massive amounts of time I wouldn't have otherwise, allowing me to grab a healthy meal and keep grinding away at everything on my plate (pun intended).

    Even when I DID start taking care of myself with a proper fitness and nutritional routine I never considered a meal-prep/delivery service before. But if I'm going to spend the money grocery shopping just to spend chunks of time weighing and cooking the food only to package it up for when I need it, why not just have ICON Meals do the majority of it for me?

    All the food is properly weighed out and comes from REAL food that isn't processed. It's minimally seasoned (especially the custom meals) so I can spice dishes up a different way if I want to. They have options for protein, carb, and vegetable sources I enjoy having regardless of whether I made them myself or used them!

    Treat your body right by feeding it right. Remember that good practices make good habits and that even after your time at school, things stay busy. For that reason alone, while your education sets your career up for success, ICON Meals sets your nutrition, body, and mind up to keep you going.

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    Motivation vs. Commitment (+ Free Workout)

    Motivation vs. Commitment  (+ Free Workout)

    Greg McCoy, Owner of Hidden Gym


    What’s the difference between motivation and commitment, and why should you care? This important topic will give you an edge tackling any goals you set, including your health and fitness goals.


    Motivation PUSHES you to start, while commitment KEEPS you going. People often don’t realize that motivation is temporary. Some days you’ll feel motivated, and others you won’t. Everyone’s had days they don’t feel like going to the gym. I have those days too. 


    When motivation fades, commitment comes in. Commitment is having the grit to work toward your goal even when you don’t feel like it. 


    Greg McCoy - Hidden Gym | ICON Meals


    Getting Motivated


    Motivation Myth: motivation comes before you get started.


    Motivation is often the result of taking action, not the cause of it. 


    “One of the most surprising things about motivation is that it often comes after starting a new behavior, not before.” –Brian Cain, Mental Performance Mastery Coach


    On unmotivated days, getting to the gym is the hardest part. How do you prevent “losing” the day? Preventative measures and accountability. Remember, motivation will come after taking action.


    • Schedule your workouts in your calendar.
    • Have an accountability partner. 
    • Commit to meeting someone at the gym. 
    • Hire a trainer that’s going to be waiting on you.
    • Have someone ask you tonight about how your 4pm workout went.

    Greg McCoy Hidden Gym | ICON Meals Blog


    Motivation & Commitment Exercise


    Write down a time you felt motivated but were not committed. For example: 


    In January I was motivated to lose 10 lbs., but I was not committed to the process so I didn’t achieve my goal.


    Write down a time you were committed but didn’t feel motivated. Example:


    In college I wasn’t motivated to pass my biology class, but I was committed to earning my degree. So I attended class, studied, and passed biology. 


    Four Ways to Increase Your Commitment


    1. Know your “Powerful Why.” Consistently reminding yourself WHY you want to achieve your goal — the benefits of sticking it through — will keep you committed on unmotivated days.

    2. Have SMART Goals.
      S – Specific
      M – Measurable
      A – Attainable
      R – Realistic
      T – Time-based

    3. Keeping your goals SMART is proven to increase your likelihood of success.

    4. Break down long-term goals into weekly and daily goals. Truthfully all fitness goals can be boiled down to one meal and one workout at a time.

    5. Accountability. This powerful tool is excellent at keeping you committed.
      1. Schedule workouts with a partner.
      2. Have someone ask you about your workouts.
      3. Hire a personal trainer. We put effort into things we pay for. 


    Understanding motivation vs. commitment is often a lightbulb moment for getting people on the right path. Hopefully with personal reflection and putting these ideas and exercises into practice, you will be much closer to reaching your finish line.

    Free Workout: Beach Body 10s

    I did this workout on my birthday to burn serious calories and make room for the huge feast I planned that evening!

    10 rounds with no breaks

    • 10 kettlebell swings
    • 10 pushups
    • 10 inverted rows
    • 10 calories on a fan bike*


    *If you don’t have equipment that measures output by calories, use any stationary cardio machine for 45 seconds at a 7/10 intensity.


    The aim is to do this workout with no breaks, so you will need to pace yourself. Set up your stations before you begin and make sure you’re properly warmed up. Vary the intensity by changing kettlebell weight and speed of burning the 10 calories.


    Beach Body 10s should be done stand-alone or after a strength or endurance training session. 


    Want to workout for free at Hidden Gym? If you live in the Allen, TX area, come by Hidden Gym and get a workout in on me!  https://hiddengym.net/free-day-pass/