The Choices We Make Are Vital

You kill yourself training to get the results you want whether you're a professional athlete or a weekend warrior or just trying to live at a higher level. But are you doing what needs to be done outside of your workouts in order to keep performing at your best?

I'm talking nutrition.

What's the one thing that is constantly moving, but we never seem to have enough of? Time! It's not in our favor and it's one of our most valuable assets.

The last thing I want to do after training six hours a day with my coaches is to slave over a stove and put something together that probably won't even taste good. That's why I trust my nutrition to ICON Meals. They provide me with the best of the best to train at my best.

It's real food with real taste that doesn't feel like a diet. Clean, simple and one thing less that I have to think about coming back from my next training session.

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