Longevity with Team ICON Meals Athlete Mike O'Hearn

If I knew then what I know now…⁣

Today isn't your goal.⁣ It never was…⁣and it never should be.⁣ Your goal is tomorrow.⁣

Let me explain…⁣

It’s funny to see how goals evolve as you get older.⁣ The younger you are, the more you want medals, trophies and fame.⁣ The older you are, the less you care about the medals and the more you care about your overall health. 

What does this mean?⁣

My philosophy on Power Bodybuilding and the effects of training for longevity end up being the #1 thing people regret not doing when they were younger.⁣ When you follow the effects of longevity, something happens...⁣

...you outlast everyone…⁣

No one will be left to challenge you.⁣

Here’s a question:  What’s more important to you….⁣
  • ⁣Being the guy with the trophy at the beginning of the story?⁣
  • Or the guy with the trophy at the end ?⁣⁣

The decisions you make now set you on a course for the next 30 years.⁣ Most people lack the vision to see that far ahead.⁣ They think about the next moment of happiness....then after they achieve it, they think what the next moment of happiness will be, then the next moment.⁣  Yet, 30 years down the road their health is suffering the consequences. ⁣

Do you think the pilot of a plane focuses only on the current flight without worry or concern about how it will affect the rest of his scheduled stops?⁣  Heck no…⁣ If he’s delayed even one hour, it bleeds into the next stop…⁣

But what you’re facing is much worse than a delayed flight.⁣ You’ll be facing problems with your body and health for the next 20 years…⁣ Which results in less freedom to do what you want and more pains and more aches. ⁣More health issues.⁣

Remember: The action you take today will DIRECTLY affect your future.⁣

Longevity = the number 1 rule to Power Bodybuilding.⁣

Dont lighten up, TITAN UP!⁣

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- The Titan Mike O’Hearn, 4x Mr. Universe 

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