Everyday ICON: Brittni Shae Mastropietro on Balancing Mom Life, Fitness, and Health

Meet Brittni Shae Mastropietro, a powerhouse mom, fitness coach, and ICON Meals affiliate who seamlessly juggles motherhood, career, and her own well-being. We sat down with Brittni to learn her secrets for staying healthy, fueled, and motivated – and how ICON Meals plays a key role in her everyday life.
Brittni Shae Mastropietro - ICON


Thriving as a Mom and Fitness Coach: Prioritizing Health and Well-being

Brittni acknowledges the challenges of balancing motherhood and fitness. Her secret weapon? Early mornings. "Getting up before the day starts keeps me ahead on my goals," she says. "I prioritize exercise, often before my daughter wakes up, thanks to my home gym – a pre-baby investment that pays off in focus and energy for my family and clients."

Nutrition for Energy and Focus: Why ICON Meals Makes a Difference

Brittni credits ICON Meals with helping her maintain a healthy lifestyle. "Post-baby, the bulk meal options and signature meals were lifesavers," she shares. "The convenience of prepped food is a game changer, especially when cooking lunch with a toddler is a juggling act!"

Fueling Workouts and Busy Days with ICON Meals:

Brittni finds ICON Meals essential for her active lifestyle. "They're perfect when I'm out running errands or hitting the gym. I can grab one on the go or have it ready when I get home."

Tips for Busy Moms: Small Steps to Big Changes

Brittni's advice for busy moms is simple: Start small and involve your little ones. "Stroller walks, bike rides, and creating an accessible home workout space are all great options," she says. "Don't underestimate the power of setting routines for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a focus on protein. And remember, using meal prep services like ICON Meals makes healthy eating easier and more convenient."

Motivating Clients for Sustainable Change:

Brittni's approach to coaching starts with understanding her clients' unique needs and schedules. "Whether it's a busy professional or a parent juggling work and childcare, I tailor plans to fit their lives," she explains. "Flexibility and accountability are key, with weekly check-ins, a supportive community, and ongoing goal reviews."

Inspiration and Growth: The Joy of Coaching and the ICON Meals Connection

Brittni's passion for fitness coaching shines through. "Seeing my clients transform, not just physically but mentally, is truly rewarding," she shares. "I'm now going into my 10th year, and being an ICON Meals affiliate for years has been a wonderful experience. I love the company's values and their support for my own goals."

A Favorite ICON Meals Memory and Advice for Future Affiliates

Brittni's favorite ICON Meals memory? "The surprise shipment of nut butters and popcorn for our photoshoot challenge! My clients loved the goodie bags," she recalls. Her advice for aspiring affiliates? "Represent health, wellness, network, and try the meals yourself! Understand the benefits of meal prep companies and share your genuine enthusiasm."

Brittni's Future Aspirations: Mom, Coach, and ICON Meals Advocate

Looking ahead, Brittni's goals are clear: "As a mom, I want to be healthy and energetic for my daughter, showing her the power of fitness and confidence. As a coach, I want to continue building my team community and helping even more clients. And as an ICON Meals affiliate, I hope to deepen my connection with the company and maybe even meet everyone in person one day!"

Brittni Shae Mastropietro's story is an inspiration to busy moms, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone striving for a healthier, happier life. Her dedication to her family, clients, and well-being is truly #EveryDayICON, and her partnership with ICON Meals is a testament to the value of convenience, quality, and community in achieving your goals.

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