Your Body is Your Bank Account by Ranya Gruber

We place so much emphasis on our finances & bank account to live a specific quality of life. We work hard to earn money and make solid deposits into our bank accounts. But what if we put just as much care and attention into what we fuel our bodies with TOO?

Think of it this way.

Any time you are eating, you are putting a deposit into your body’s bank account.

There are no “good” and “bad” deposits.

But there are HIGHER QUALITY deposits and LOWER QUALITY deposits (regardless of the SIZE of the meal/snack/drink/etc).

A nutrient-dense, primarily whole foods meal is a higher quality, larger sum deposit. And the less nutrient-dense, more processed foods are lower quality, smaller sum deposits.

For your bank account to flourish and grow and compound at a more rapid rate, Try investing in yourself with more of those larger deposits, and adding some smaller deposits along the way.

But here’s the kicker - when it comes to money, we do all we can to avoid being broke or seeing zeros or negative numbers in our financial bank accounts.

So - why would we rob our body’s bank account then by starving ourselves or barely eating enough calories? (sidetone: a BABY needs 1000-1200 calories. And we are not babies!)

This analogy is what I came up with when I was learning to love food and think of it as fuel again after years of running my bank account dry.

Make this your mindset, and watch your body's income increase 10 times over! This in turn will increase 10 times all the other areas of your life (including actual income, as I’ve noticed from personal experience) 😋

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