Team ICON, Jesse James: Staying Motivated From the Gym to the Garage

Talk about one of the most insane years to date! 2020 has been one of the craziest years right? From fires in Cali, the heat in Texas, to hurricanes in the Gulf at the same time. That’s not even mentioning the whole COVID 19 pandemic. This has caused us all to go from the gym, to working out in our garage or homes. Until recently all gyms were closed, but the last month or so some parts of the US have opened the gyms up slowly with restrictions. 

Even though the gyms have opened here in Texas I am no longer able to go, since COVID-19 is still in full swing. Why does that matter if you can work out and mask up? Well my wife is immune compromised so going to the gym and contracting the virus then coming home and infecting her isn’t an ideal situation. 
After 17 years, I’ve opted to cancel my gym membership. Before this, I used to go to the gym 5 x a week, and during competitions I would go 6 x twice a day. If anyone has felt the sting, it’s this guy! So I decided to write this article for ICON Meals to help y’all if you are struggling to cope with these changes. I know personally it hasn’t been easy, but it has become a lot easier since I started to do something instead of nothing. Adding unnecessary weight was my biggest fear and losing my gains! I didn’t put too much weight on since I was eating exclusively ICON Meals for all my meals minus the few times my wife and I would get take out.

Here’s 5 tips to beat the COVID…19lbs

Strong Meal Game

First, make sure you are ordering your meals each week to keep you on track. At ICON they don’y push specific diets, or meal plans that are "good” or “bad," Instead, you’ll find nourishing, approachable and delicious chef prepared Signature Meals - or you can build your own custom meals that are meant to be enjoyed everyday all year long.

Home gym

If you have the money, build your own home gym. Look for used gym equipment on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or friends that no longer use their equipment. Working out with a friend would normally be okay, but currently I would suggest you not, as you cannot socially distance yourself when working out.

Cardio time

Add cardio into your routine with a run, walk, or bike. Getting out and moving will help give you a kick of endorphins to jump start your mood. Bonus: it also helps you from packing on the weight from being sedentary.

Add sports like basketball or tennis.

My wife and I would do this a few times a week to change up our routine and it also allows us to connect personally.

Bring your pup to your garage workouts.

If you are a dog lover like myself, it’ll boost your mood while working out. You’ll more than likely have to use lower weights and higher reps. I don’t know about you, but that has been the biggest obstacle in my home gym. Using low weights and high reps or not being able to do my full workout like I’m used to.

    There’s 5 tips to beat the COVID.. 19lbs. Trust me. the change will suck and if you haven’t been doing most of the suggested it will seem boring, but as you start to incorporate these changes into your routine your body will adjust. Plus, it is always a good idea to change things up if you’ve been doing the same routine for years. You can let this pandemic hold you back, or you can use it as motivation to push forward into new territories!

    I hope this article helps you get a better idea on how to approach your diet and workouts then gives you the motivation to stick with them. If you have any questions or want to let me know what you think make sure to visit my official website or add me on social media sites.

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