How to Handle Food and Alcohol Pushers

Starting a journey towards self-improvement can be tough, especially when those around you are not used to your new habits. One common challenge is dealing with friends or family members who try to push unhealthy food or alcohol onto you. Here are some tips for handling these situations:

They can't read your mind.

Communicate openly and honestly with your loved ones about your goals and why you are making these changes. Share with them how you feel about your body, your health, or your relationship with food and alcohol. By opening up and being vulnerable, you can help them understand your perspective and motivations.

Never play defense.

Practice saying no in a firm but polite way. You don't have to justify your decision or make excuses; just say "No, thank you" or "I'm not interested." If necessary, you can also say "I ate before we got here" or "That food doesn't agree with my stomach."

Be consistent in your choices.

If you flip-flop between indulging and abstaining, it can be confusing for others and they may continue to push you to join them. By being consistent and sticking to your decisions, you can show that you are committed to your goals and help others respect your boundaries.

It's important to remember that food and alcohol pushers often act out of their own insecurities. They may want to lose weight or cut back on their own consumption, but have not yet taken the steps to do so. Instead of getting frustrated or upset, try to be understanding and offer support if they express an interest in making changes. By standing up for yourself and being consistent, you can set a positive example and potentially inspire others to join you on your journey towards self-improvement.

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