3 Common Dieting Mistakes by Raymond Querido

 From ICON Meals Athlete Raymond Querido ( @theonlinecoach )

When people start chasing fat loss and cutting down, I see a lot of them making the same mistakes and setting themselves up for failure. You can avoid these three big ones by focusing on gradual long-term change.

1. Aggressive Deficit

I see so many people begin their diets with crazy calorie cutting. Drastically changing your calorie intake and macros in a short time is a recipe for disaster. 

Start low, 250–500 at most. Stay consistent there and see what happens with your scale. If it starts moving, great! Don’t change anything until you hit a real plateau. 

2. Cutting Too Many Carbs

Your body plans on having access to a certain number of carbs every day, and it will react poorly if you drop too many. You’ll feel like garbage, your training will suck, and your energy will bottom out. Leave yourself room to maneuver when you hit a plateau!

Keep your carbs as high as possible while still seeing movement on the scale. Your body will thank you.

3. Going Cold Turkey 

We all love snacks, and they’re probably not the healthiest thing but cutting them entirely out of your diet is a bad idea — don’t remove happiness from your diet. It’s not realistic or sustainable.

Instead, work those foods into your daily calorie count but in smaller portions. You’ll still get that little dopamine hit from your favorite treat…in moderation.

Diet Smarter

Effective dieting and cutting takes time and reasonable, moderate changes. Don’t make these three common mistakes or chances are you’ll crash, burn, and have to start from the beginning all over again.

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