Where Was my Self Control: Post by ICON Meals CEO Todd Abrams

Have you ever gone to the grocery store extremely hungry? What was the first thing you did?

For myself, I would sample anything and everything that was open and available no matter neither what it was nor giving any care to what it contained in the ingredients. Why could I not stop myself, where was my self control? I was not prepared, I had not planned ahead, and this error in judgment alone has set me back many times in the past.

Keeping a nutritious and healthy diet can be hard.

You need discipline and time management skills to plan your meals and shop for wholesome foods. Sometimes we all need a little push – let’s call it our re motivation to get us up and running again. The folks at ICON Meals, understand this and have taken the necessary steps, and put a simple process in place to provide that added support element..

Life is more than just eating.

Food is foolishly a popular past time, and one of the most common anti-depressants. Don’t fall into that sinkhole. View food as a way to fuel your body so that you can feel good, look good, and live your life to the fullest. I have heard it so many times before... I will plan ahead, I will take control of my diet, I know this or that is bad for me, and SOMEDAY I will change my ways…

Someday, is a desolate, deserted island if the middle of an unhealthy and disease infected place and not somewhere any of us want to end up as trying to be rescued often turns out to be much harder and a longer process with multiple complications than anyone ever thought.

You can count calories and keep journals all you want. Your body will show exactly how hard you work and how nutritiously you eat. You are a walking testament of your own diet. Keep a diet that you are proud of, eat foods and have your meals planed and ready so you can have a body that you are proud of…

As the old saying goes… You are what you eat. Being prepared is more than half the battle…





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