Wyatt Medlin’s ICONIC Weight Loss Journey

In college Wyatt was a weightlifter and avid swimmer. After graduating and entering the workforce, something happened that is all too common — life got in the way and fitness was no longer part of his daily routine. 


Just before January 2021 he weighed 321 lbs, and started eating ICON meals in the new year. His after pics are from June 15th, 50 pounds lighter and looking great! Read on to hear how he got past his biggest challenge: “getting started again.”


Wyatt Medlin Weight Loss ICON Meals


Can you describe the moment when you decided to make a change? What caused you to make that decision?


Late 2020 I went on a family vacation to the mountains and found myself extremely winded and out of breath while hiking trails, struggling to keep up, at only 30 years old. Being an active person most of my life, growing up playing sports and enjoying working out, it hit me very quickly that I had lost focus for my own well-being and had let myself no longer be a priority. It was time to make a change!


When you started, what was your original vision or goal?


My original goal was to realign my physical, emotional, and personal priorities. Finding a new

routine, trusting the process, becoming comfortable again in the gym, and hitting new goals!


What has been your biggest struggle along the journey so far?


Shifting around a schedule to ensure that I allow myself time every day to be better as a human. 


Do you remember when you finally began to see progress? When was that and how did you feel?


A few weeks into my journey and it was motivating and exciting!


Where are you now? Describe your results and how you feel.


I'm 6.5 months into my journey and ICON Meals has allowed me to follow a healthy, clean diet that takes the guesswork out! I am feeling proud and excited for what's to come!


What advice do you have for others that want to make a change?


Take the first step. You won't regret it! 


Has your journey impacted others? If so, in what way?


My twin sister has joined along on her own journey and it's been so fulfilling to see her progress as well!



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