Imposter Syndrome by ICON Meals Michael Mastrucci

At one point we all struggle with being held back by limiting beliefs; a self-destructive idea towards ourselves that we hold true.

We fall into Imposter Syndrome:

“I can’t get this job”
“I can’t start this project”
“I can’t get lose weight”

Statements like this can easily limit your life. How are you going to get ahead if you keep doubting yourself this way? The truth is many of us are so used to saying this we’ve forgotten just how damaging it is. Not only are you admitting defeat, but you’re also absolving yourself of accountability.

Here’s a simple solution: Change ONE word. Stop saying “I can’t” and start asking HOW:

“How can I get this job?”
“How can I start this project?”
“How can I lose this weight?”

By doing this we’ve unlocked some benefits. Namely, we’ve:

  1. Ditched the victim mentality.
  2. Turned limiting phrases into empowering ones.
  3. Reprogrammed our minds to navigate around limiting beliefs.

Remember that we can accomplish so much with the right mindset. Our abilities can be near-limitless if our mentality is positive, reinforcing, and we put our best foot forward to accomplish our goals, no matter how small at first.

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