Free Workout Plan! Build Muscle & Burn Fat | by Bartley Weaver

I'm excited for you! You took the leap... to make a change. But, I have to tell you something. This program will not work for you.

Superset City is not JUST a workout program, it's a mentality. The program doesn't work for you, you work for it.

I can give you the guidance, the techniques, and tell you everything you need to know - but if you don't make a decision right now to put in the work, you will never see results.

Hopefully you're still with me... If that all sounds good with you, let's get to work!

The Vision

What is a goal, and what is a vision? Why do you need both?

A goal and a vision are two different things. Imagine yourself... happy and healthy with a 6-pack, on the beach, enjoying life.

That's a vision. Maybe not your vision... what is your vision? Take a moment and put yourself there.

The Goal

Now that you have a vision, what are your goals?

A goal is not "I want a six-pack", that's a vision. A goal should be a measurable amount of work over a certain period of time that's in-line with your vision. So, good news... you want to build lean muscle mass? Your goal is simple, commit to the work on Superset City.

Each day that you do the work, you achieve your goal. Each day that you achieve your goal, you're closer to the vision. Simple.

It's a huge relief when you embrace this, because it's no longer a mystery. You don't have to think about it! Determine the vision, set up the goals, and do the work. Success is just around the corner.

The Work

Now, we're ready to do the work. Follow this workout. Get excited... It's time. 

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