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    ICONIC Interview With UFC Fighter Joanne 'JoJo' Woods

    ICONIC Interview With UFC Fighter Joanne 'JoJo' Woods
    Joanne ‘JoJo’ Calderwood, now known as Joanne Wood following her marriage to her husband John Wood. Joanne is a beloved Scottish fighter who is always up for a challenge. She is a professional mixed martial artist and former Muay Thai champion who competes in the Women's Flyweight division of the UFC. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with JoJo and ask a few questions!

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    Motivation vs. Commitment (+ Free Workout)

    Motivation vs. Commitment  (+ Free Workout)

    Greg McCoy, Owner of Hidden Gym


    What’s the difference between motivation and commitment, and why should you care? This important topic will give you an edge tackling any goals you set, including your health and fitness goals.


    Motivation PUSHES you to start, while commitment KEEPS you going. People often don’t realize that motivation is temporary. Some days you’ll feel motivated, and others you won’t. Everyone’s had days they don’t feel like going to the gym. I have those days too. 


    When motivation fades, commitment comes in. Commitment is having the grit to work toward your goal even when you don’t feel like it. 


    Greg McCoy - Hidden Gym | ICON Meals


    Getting Motivated


    Motivation Myth: motivation comes before you get started.


    Motivation is often the result of taking action, not the cause of it. 


    “One of the most surprising things about motivation is that it often comes after starting a new behavior, not before.” –Brian Cain, Mental Performance Mastery Coach


    On unmotivated days, getting to the gym is the hardest part. How do you prevent “losing” the day? Preventative measures and accountability. Remember, motivation will come after taking action.


    • Schedule your workouts in your calendar.
    • Have an accountability partner. 
    • Commit to meeting someone at the gym. 
    • Hire a trainer that’s going to be waiting on you.
    • Have someone ask you tonight about how your 4pm workout went.

    Greg McCoy Hidden Gym | ICON Meals Blog


    Motivation & Commitment Exercise


    Write down a time you felt motivated but were not committed. For example: 


    In January I was motivated to lose 10 lbs., but I was not committed to the process so I didn’t achieve my goal.


    Write down a time you were committed but didn’t feel motivated. Example:


    In college I wasn’t motivated to pass my biology class, but I was committed to earning my degree. So I attended class, studied, and passed biology. 


    Four Ways to Increase Your Commitment


    1. Know your “Powerful Why.” Consistently reminding yourself WHY you want to achieve your goal — the benefits of sticking it through — will keep you committed on unmotivated days.

    2. Have SMART Goals.
      S – Specific
      M – Measurable
      A – Attainable
      R – Realistic
      T – Time-based

    3. Keeping your goals SMART is proven to increase your likelihood of success.

    4. Break down long-term goals into weekly and daily goals. Truthfully all fitness goals can be boiled down to one meal and one workout at a time.

    5. Accountability. This powerful tool is excellent at keeping you committed.
      1. Schedule workouts with a partner.
      2. Have someone ask you about your workouts.
      3. Hire a personal trainer. We put effort into things we pay for. 


    Understanding motivation vs. commitment is often a lightbulb moment for getting people on the right path. Hopefully with personal reflection and putting these ideas and exercises into practice, you will be much closer to reaching your finish line.

    Free Workout: Beach Body 10s

    I did this workout on my birthday to burn serious calories and make room for the huge feast I planned that evening!

    10 rounds with no breaks

    • 10 kettlebell swings
    • 10 pushups
    • 10 inverted rows
    • 10 calories on a fan bike*


    *If you don’t have equipment that measures output by calories, use any stationary cardio machine for 45 seconds at a 7/10 intensity.


    The aim is to do this workout with no breaks, so you will need to pace yourself. Set up your stations before you begin and make sure you’re properly warmed up. Vary the intensity by changing kettlebell weight and speed of burning the 10 calories.


    Beach Body 10s should be done stand-alone or after a strength or endurance training session. 


    Want to workout for free at Hidden Gym? If you live in the Allen, TX area, come by Hidden Gym and get a workout in on me!  https://hiddengym.net/free-day-pass/

    Get Fit For Fall Checklist

    Get Fit For Fall Checklist

    Fall is a notoriously difficult time for dieters — the cool weather and upcoming holiday season make it easier than ever to dabble in desserts and other high-calorie temptations.


    With that in mind, here is a checklist to help you stay on track every single day. With discipline (and by bookmarking this page) you can make it through this season better than ever.


    Before you get to work, let's get your mind right. If you're not mentally strong you'll never be able to achieve your potential. Everything GREAT that you've achieved so far began with a single thought. A realization. The following framework will bring you clarity, allowing you to do the work and build the life that you were destined to create!


    Download Checklist


    Success Framework

    Your Why

    Before you consider what you're capable of achieving, take a moment and consider why you should. Write a list of the people, belongings, and experiences in your life that mean the most. Here's one of mine: I love my family and will provide for them at any cost. In order to do so, I must take care of my mind, body, and spirit at the highest level.


    If you were to achieve your highest calling, how would that impact the areas that you care most about? What kind of difference would you be able to make? 


    If your visions are based purely on short-term desires disconnected from what you care about, you will fall short. Our immediate, selfish desires change on a week-to-week basis. The vision has to be connected to something much larger than ourselves.

    Your Vision

    Visions are separate from goals. Being happy and healthy, enjoying life on the beach with six-pack abs, is a vision. The end result of your goals. The beach might not be your vision, but you know what you want your end result to be. Take a moment and put yourself there.

    Your Goals

    Now that you have a vision, what are your goals?

    Goals are measurable amounts of work, over a certain period of time, that are in line with your vision. "I want a six-pack" is not a goal. Let’s say your vision is to be healthy, live long, and set a good example for everyone around you — your goals should include following a diet plan and being active every day. Here's an example of several goals:


    1. I will follow the Superset city workout plan (4 week program)
    2. I will drink 1 gallon of water per day for the next 30 days
    3. I will consume 150+ grams of protein per day, and remove all processed food and sugar from my diet, for 30 days


    Notice how each goal is an action based on my vision. Each day you do the action, you achieve your goal. Each day you achieve your goal, you're closer to the vision.


    Embracing this mindset is a huge relief — success is no longer a mystery. You don't have to think about it! Determine the vision, set up the goals, and do the work. Success is just around the corner.


    Your Work


    With a vision and goals in place, you're ready to do the work. Nothing will happen if you don't commit to the work, and this is where routines come into play. Figure out how to fit your goals into your day with the least amount of friction possible. This is the main reason I get up and work out first thing every morning. My family is asleep, my phone is silent, and there's no distractions. 


    With each passing day your confidence will build, and the work will become more enjoyable as the light of your vision becomes brighter.

    Weight Loss Results for Fit Individuals

    Weight Loss Results for Fit Individuals

    Actor and martial artist Ian Lauer has seen a ton of information out there on diets and training, but most of it is geared toward major weight loss — there’s not a lot available for those already in decent shape, wanting to take things to the next level. That’s why he’s sharing exactly how he exercised and what he ate to lose six pounds in four weeks while retaining strength and health.




    “My workouts consist of five 20–35-minute resistance training sessions in my home gym, one body part per session. On average I do 4–6 exercises per workout and five sets of 10–15 reps.


    For my cardio I engage in martial arts training 5–7 classes per week. Each class runs about an hour and varies in intensity. For your own cardio I suggest that you simply find an activity you enjoy doing regularly that gets your heart rate up. 


    Ian Lauer ICON Meals


    This has been my routine since the beginning of COVID-19. I didn’t change any of it during this four-week period.”




    “My eating was 90% ICON meals with an occasional protein shake and glass or two of wine or beer during the weekend. I flavored the meals with ICON seasonings, and a little ketchup once in a while.


    These are my exact ICON meals for the entire 28 days broken down into a week-by-week order:


    Week 1


    Week 2


    Week 3


    Week 4


    It is possible to get great results while enjoying yourself, as long as you set yourself up for success. I’m happy to say ICON Meals does that for me. See what’s on the menu today.



    Follow Ian on Instagram for more valuable content