5 Tips on Getting Your Healthy Rhythm Back by Mike O'Hearn

So you took a break from your fitness routine. You ate, you drank, you relaxed, and ate some more. It’s okay because life isn't how we deal with the highs but how we deal with the lows.

Here are 5 tips you can use to get back onto your program

1) Find Your Focus

Draw a line in the sand. You’re back now so the bad eating stops now.

The past few weeks were the exception and not the rule. Don’t beat yourself up.

Simply get back up, dust yourself off and get focused.

2) Get Hydrated

Often times when we fall off our routine we become dehydrated.

Your first priority in getting back on track is to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Start with a tall glass of water in the morning, and carry a water bottle with you to sip throughout the day.

3) Cleanse Your System

For your first few days getting back on track, I need you to be extra picky about what you eat.

Stick with whole, real foods to restore balance and block out cravings.

4) Get Some Rest

Make catching up on sleep a priority over the next few days.

When your body is low on sleep, it becomes easier to make poor eating choices.
If you don’t give your body a chance to rest, you’re less likely to get back into your workouts.

5) Jump Back Into Your Exercise Routine

It’s time to sweat out all those indulgences. So lace up your shoes and put on your favorite gym clothes. When you start your first workout, ease in slowly.

Take the time to warm up and stretch your muscles before powering up to a solid workout.

And I have just the exercise plan for you – one that not only helps you recover from falling off but also keeps you motivated and going strong in the future.

Don’t Lighten up, TITAN UP!

🐺⚔🍀 Mike O'Hearn The Titan.