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Introducing this amazing Everyday ICON Family... Travis Just and wife Brittany Just! A family that's always on-the-go, traveling cross-country, living their dreams, and being fueled daily by ICON Meals. Here's their story... 

Q: What do you do and why? (Job-wise)

A: My wife and I are full-time Network Marketers! We have found a home for the past 7 years with an amazing company that works in the travel and vacation space! It has not only changed our life financially but has given us the ability to have time to travel the World with our family and friends, and do it, for next to nothing!

We've always owned our own business and have taken such pride in that. We have certainly had our fair share of struggles and challenges, but through it all our top priority was to always gain time freedom. At one point we found ourself with no time to see our kids, each other nor the chance to continue traveling the world which is where our heart is!!! Our current business allows us to world school our twin 8 yr olds Arisa and Ren, spend a bunch of time together as a family, and explore all the amazing things the world has to offer!

Travis Just - Icon Meals

Q: Why Icon Meals? What makes us different?

A: Hearing about Icon Meals through our Personal Fitness Trainers TJ Hoban and Caroline Decampos (both WBFF fitness pros) we immediately knew these meals sounded like the missing link to a maintainable health/fitness lifestyle with our crazy busy life! If we are eating good, we feel good, we want to work out hard because we see progress. The reverse is true though for us for sure....if food isn't prepped and ready and we have to find it it isn't usually the healthiest option, we tend to get out of the groove, begin to workout less because we aren't seeing the results. Eventually stopping completely in frustration! My video certainly, genuinely shows my enthusiasm for these amazing meals! I mean, shipped to wherever we're at, whenever we need them, taste better than any other meal prep company we've tried (and there have been several) and zero maintenance but to pop it in a microwave (or eat them room temp like we do now cuz they taste just as good!) We just recently became full-time Rv'ers traveling throughout N. America with our kids.

THESE MEALS ARE LIFESAVERS!!! No smelly RV, no cooking, zero time consumption, quick, easy, our kids love them as much as we do, taste great and all for the less than the price of a chipotle!!! Icon meals have been one of the most single crucial reasons for my personal transformation and more importantly, my wife and I can now maintain our healthy lifestyle no matter where we go or whatever we're doing because our meals travel right along with us!

Q: If a kid walked up to you asking for your advice and you only a few minutes to give ‘em your best tip, what would it be?

A: Simple! Take chances. Take a risk. Step out of the box you think we have to live in. Surround yourself with people that are more successful. So many people are stuck in a comfort zone and aren't ever willing to step out of the norm and try something different in fear of what if it doesn't work, what will my friends think, what if I can't...etc. I learned early on in my life if we listen to OTHER PEOPLES OPINIONS we better be prepared to buy their lifestyle. Find people that have what you want, do what they do and you can get what they got! I'd rather try and know, than never try and always wonder! YOU'RE FREEKIN WORTH IT!!!!!

Travis Just - Icon Meals

Q: You are a social media “influencer” what are you doing to be “influential” in today’s society?

A: I'm certainly not the smartest nor the most talented, was raised in an average family, having lost my mom at an early age, but learned that if you want something you have to go after it! Nobody will hand it to you, EVER! Up earlier, staying up later than most doing things that most won't so we can have what most can't! That being said...I only know how to work hard, not just hard but working smart and hard, having consistent persistent effort toward whatever goal it maybe until I get there. And when we get there I realize there's always another level! All the while just trying to live my best life! I'm just myself working hard going after my dreams and goals relentlessly and people are inspired because they can relate with the struggles, challenges and successes along the way, but they NEVER see me stop until I get there!

Q: Who is your biggest inspiration? Why?

A: My mother Jackie. Honest to goodness, more than the population of our town by almost 1000 showed up when she passed at 41! She always had a smile on her face, always made the day brighter for anyone she was in front of, went with her gut feeling on most everything, took chances, didn't complain, grateful for everything she had and had a vision of the future that I always dreamt of living too! The say we can tell almost everything about a persons character by what people say when they aren't around...and I've yet to have heard anything but solid positive amazing things about our mom! I model my goals values and beliefs from all the amazing things I remember of her!

Travis Just - Icon Meals

Q: How do you balance work and life demands?

A: Well, priorities and a calendar have been the key for my wife and I. We have twin 8 yr olds, work from our cell phones, and recently just sold our home and most of our belongings to World School our kids as we travel North America over the next 12-24 months in our new luxury motorcoach. The only constant in life is change, however, showing our kids what life can be is a huge priority to us. Our work is our's making money, saving money, and traveling more for less and showing others how to do the same. It has become our purpose and passion so we've really been able to master the art of living (not knowing if its play or work).

Q: What do you want your legacy to be? How do you want to be remembered?

A: There are so many things I can put my energy into to make money. However, For me at this point in my life, if it's not helping people along the way it's not worth my time! I get up every day with purpose and passion for paying it forward to people that are looking for better. whether it be fitness goals, a better lifestyle, more fun, more time, more income, etc. When we help others get what they want we automatically get what we want. I want people to remember how I left everything on the field in everything I did! I made a positive impact on those around me. People remembered me for how I made them feel when they first met me! I made a dent in the world that won't be forgotten! A back to back, loyal, persistent, servant leader, as a father, friend, and husband that was always looking to raise the bar for anyone around him!

Travis Just - Icon Meals

Q: What are your favorite Icon Meals?

A: OMG!!!! We haven't found a meal we don't like! For real!!!! The shrimp in anything is ridiculous! Some of the best shrimp we've eaten. Our kids love the pasta meals, the steak, and any breakfast meal, especially the protein pancakes. We are partial to the custom meals because my wife Brittany is a fitness competitor and I just like eating really clean like the custom meals allow! The turkey, bison and the chicken with sweet potato wedges or sweet potato mash along with asparagus take the cake though! You can't go wrong. If the food we eat tastes great and is healthy it's easy to maintain the healthy lifestyle you want!

Icon Meals has changed our life! Thank You!

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