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    ICON Meals Catoring To The Competitor In Each Of Us

    ICON Meals Blog — Travis Just

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    ICONiCAST Ep. 25 — Travis and Brittany Just: Doing More With Your Life

    ICONiCAST Ep. 25 — Travis and Brittany Just: Doing More With Your Life

    Watch the video above. Listen the audio experience below or on your favorite podcast app.



    Taeler De Haes sits down for a talk with powerhouse couple Travis and Brittany Just about how they’ve achieved incredible success in their non-traditional careers and personal lives. 

    Learn what gave the Just's courage to break expectations and hit the road as traveling entrepreneurs, parents of twins, and WBFF competitors. Hear why ICON meals are a crucial part of Rockbody Retreats, and be inspired to do the most you can with the time you have.


    Key moments:

    Travis’s background (1:13)

    Brittany’s background (3:00)

    What is WBFF? (5:04)

    Rockbody Retreats (7:14)

    Selling everything (9:05)

    How ICON changed their life (9:44)

    Go-To Signature Meal (13:05)

    Using ICON with Rockbody Retreats (13:59)

    Doing more with your life (15:00)

    What is the ultimate goal? (19:12)

    Paying it forward (21:26)


    👨  Follow Travis: https://www.instagram.com/travelingwithtrav/

    👧  Follow Brittany: https://www.instagram.com/brittjust_wbffpro/

    Staying in Shape When Life Feels Too Busy by Travis Just

    Staying in Shape When Life Feels Too Busy by Travis Just

    How does bodybuilder and entrepreneur Travis Just stay in shape when he’s running a business, traveling, and raising twins? That’s the #1 question he gets — and here’s his answer:


    Make Health A Priority


    Great health is a major priority for Travis, and he devotes time to it! Without good health, everything else in life suffers. Who cares how much money you make if you can’t enjoy the benefits of your hard work — vacations, quality time with family, doing hobbies you love, etc…


    Travis Just (TravelingWithTrav) Working Out - ICON Meals


    It Gets Better


    The problem is most people quit working on their health before they feel and see life-changing results. At the beginning of a get-healthier journey it sucks. It’s super hard and everything hurts and you’re sacrificing “good food” while everyone around you eats whatever guilty pleasures they want.


    Here’s the thing though:


    When you push through the suck and get to the place I’m talking about, everything changes. Your desire for unhealthy food is viewed differently. Your taste buds change. You actually look forward to “treat meals” weekly and savor every single bite.


    Travis Just Healthy Eating - ICON Meals


    Planning Makes Perfect


    Plan, plan, plan. It’s all about having your food ready to go! When we’re scrounging for food at the last minute, we almost always make worse choices than if we had something prepped and ready to eat. ICON Meals has turned our world upside down when it comes to planning and being prepared for our crazy busy lifestyle.


    No Excuses


    Get rid of the excuses! I used to yoyo diet every few months — I’d eat super clean, work out like crazy and feel great, and let myself roll back down the hill to start over again. Ugh. It’s easy to get caught in this trap. Why do we care what out-of-shape people think, as if they have what we want anyhow? 


    I finally decided years ago to live how I want. I realized most people gave me a hard time about how I eat because they were uncomfortable eating poorly around me.


    We get one body and one life. Live it the way you choose.




    Follow Travis Just and his family on IG at @thehomeless_millionaires and @travelingwithtrav

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