ICONiCAST Ep. 25 — Travis and Brittany Just: Doing More With Your Life

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Taeler De Haes sits down for a talk with powerhouse couple Travis and Brittany Just about how they’ve achieved incredible success in their non-traditional careers and personal lives. 

Learn what gave the Just's courage to break expectations and hit the road as traveling entrepreneurs, parents of twins, and WBFF competitors. Hear why ICON meals are a crucial part of Rockbody Retreats, and be inspired to do the most you can with the time you have.


Key moments:

Travis’s background (1:13)

Brittany’s background (3:00)

What is WBFF? (5:04)

Rockbody Retreats (7:14)

Selling everything (9:05)

How ICON changed their life (9:44)

Go-To Signature Meal (13:05)

Using ICON with Rockbody Retreats (13:59)

Doing more with your life (15:00)

What is the ultimate goal? (19:12)

Paying it forward (21:26)


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👧  Follow Brittany: https://www.instagram.com/brittjust_wbffpro/