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    The 4 Supplements Everyone Should Take by Rachel Scheer

    The 4 Supplements Everyone Should Take by Rachel Scheer

    Our western diet is filled with nutrient-poor, processed foods. We are constantly exposed to toxins on a daily basis, our stress levels have skyrocketed and many people are dealing with gut issues, chronic inflammation, and fatigue.

    Because we are all unique, the answer to which supplements we should take is not so black and white, with that being said there are some ESSENTIAL supplements that I recommend everyone take:

    1. Multivitamin: I do micronutrient testing day in and day out at my clinic and I have yet to EVER have someone come back without a nutritional deficiency. Even if you have a perfect diet, your genetics, gut, and lifestyle all affect the ability in which your body breaks down and absorbs food.

    Over 40% of adults have inadequate intake of magnesium and vitamins A, D, E, and C. A traditional multivitamin/mineral supplement may not provide preferred daily support that complements smart eating habits and promotes wellness and healthy aging.

    Now there’s a growing recognition of the value of dietary phytonutrients—which help support antioxidant protection, DNA stability, and cellular communication that in turn influence metabolic pathways and body systems. And consuming an array of phytonutrients from a variety of fruits and vegetables may increase dietary value due to collective influences on health.

    With my practice I use Metagenic’s Phytomulti, which offers full spectrum phytonutrients for antioxidant protection to defend cellular health and DNA stability and is optimized with 20+ essential vitamins & minerals for multidimensional health support.

    Scientific Rationale of PhytoMulti 

    • In a 4-week open-label study conducted at the FMRC, the effects of 2 daily PhytoMulti tablets on multiple biomarkers were evaluated in 15 healthy adults.
    • PhytoMulti was well absorbed, as indicated by the significant increase in plasma levels of carotenoids, folate, and vitamin B12* (Figure 2)
    • Serum levels of oxidized LDL (oxLDL), plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1), and myeloperoxidase (MPO)—markers of oxidative stress, cardiovascular health, and overall health—were significantly reduced* (Figure 3)
    1. Omega-3 EPA-DHA: With today’s western diet, we tend to get a lot more Omega-6s (pro-inflammatory) than Omega-3s (anti-inflammatory). Omega-3s, which come from fatty cuts of fish can help lower the risk of chronic disease and are very important for cognitive function, memory, and behavior.

    Fish oil supplements provide omega-3s like EPA and DHA. Quality and purity should come first when selecting a fish oil supplement to ensure they are feree of impurities and contaminants.

    Something’s Fishy: Don’t settle for a lesser fish oil. Seek out a reputable supplement company that conducts potency testing in addition to testing for the following contaminants and toxins:

    • Potency: Testing to verify fatty acid content matches what is listed on the label—EPA, DHA, and other omega fatty acids such as omega-6s.
    • Rancidity potential (oxidative measures):Testing to ensure freshness has not been compromised by exposure to air, heat, light, and metals during manufacture, which can affect taste and smell.
      • Peroxides
      • Anisidine
      • TOTOX
    • Environmental contaminants & heavy metals: Purity testing for the presence of environmental toxins and industrial chemicals.
      • Dioxins & furans
      • Polychlorinated biphenols (PCBs)
      • Dioxin-like PCBs
      • Heavy metals (lead, tin, cadmium, mercury, arsenic)
      • Other industrial metals (iron, copper)
      • Iodine 131

    Reputable third-party laboratories offer reliable, analytical methods for characterizing the identity, purity, composition, and authenticity of fish oil formulas. Be sure to look for a quality guarantee with verified testing information that ensures the highest level of purity possible. At My practice I use and recommend Metagenic’s EPA-DHA 1000

    1. Probiotic: Our gut microbiome plays a HUGE role in overall health. If you were to ask me what optimal health means, I would first look at the gut. Nearly 80% of our immune system is in the gut and 95% of serotonin (a neurotransmitter that regulated mood) is produced in the gut. If the balance of gut bacteria is thrown off, it can lead to problems such as autoimmunity, depression/anxiety, leaky gut and food sensitives, and chronic fatigue to name a few.

    Probiotics can vary significantly in potency, efficacy, and safety, which can result in inconsistent health benefits. Many products fall short due to various reasons, including not identifying the probiotic strain that is linked to specific health benefits. Additionally, some products have also been found to contain specific contaminants (gluten, mold, yeast, and potentially harmful bacteria), which can cause negative reactions and deleterious health effects in susceptible individuals. Through extensive and rigorous quality control testing, UltraFlora guarantees the highest quality of purity (free of contaminants), potency, and scientifically formulated probiotic formulas that contain genetically identified strains with established health benefits for clinically reliable outcomes.


    1. Vitamin D: Studies estimate that one billion people worldwide have insufficient vitamin D levels and at least 3 million American adults are deficient. However, the rate of true vitamin D deficiency is likely even higher, because research has found that the previous recommended levels of vitamin D were actually too low. I’ve checked the vitamin D levels of thousands of patients in my clinic and virtually all of them had below optimal levels, even those who were taking a vitamin D supplement.

    Vitamin D works like a hormone in the body and regulates everything from metabolism and energy, mood, and immunity. Most the time when people get sick in the winter, they also experience a drop in vitamin D. Metagenic’ss D3 + K provides 5,000 IU per softgel of vitamin D (as D3), designed for greater absorption. This high potency formula also includes bioavailable forms of vitamin K2(menaquinone-7) to complement vitamin D.

    Where Should I Purchase Supplements?

    With my practice I recommend and use only pharmaceutical grade supplements. Meaning higher quality and often higher dosages than over the counter. They also have been tested by third-party companies to ensure that the ingredients are what they say.

    Fixed Mindsets and Self-Sabotage by Amber Fokken

    Fixed Mindsets and Self-Sabotage by Amber Fokken

    Everyone has the potential to be successful at anything they put their mind to achieving. But that being said, you're not the only one who's struggled with mental hurdles.

    The most important thing to understand is what your mindset is doing to dictate your outcome. A "fixed mindset" is very black and white/ all or nothing. This way of thinking is hyper-focused on insecurities and perfectionism. When locked into thinking about and anticipating failure, inevitably something will happen that creates it. 

    Read more

    How to Create Your Dream Body in 4 Simple Steps by Chris Thompson

    How to Create Your Dream Body in 4 Simple Steps by Chris Thompson

    Are you ready to create the body of your dreams?  If you answered yes, barring any serious medical conditions, consider the following quote from Jim Rohn:  “If you want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.”  

    While many people are willing to go to the gym and work hard when it comes to achieving their fitness, health & wellness goals sadly many do not know how to work smart.  I have spent 30 years in the nutraceutical and fitness industry and I am passionate about helping others optimize their fitness, health & wellness. It is my experience that to achieve your dream body at any age it is a result of consistently focusing on and practicing 4 simple steps:

    1)  Ideal Food Sources, 2)  Ideal Food Amounts, 3) Ideal Food Timing, 4)  Resistance Training.  That is the “secret” equation that produces sustainable transformative results.

    For most people when it comes to getting in better shape their first thought and emphasis goes straight to step 4) exercise. Exercise is indeed critical to creating your ideal body and maintaining health, but in this article, we are only going to focus on the first 3 steps, nutrition.  You are about to learn why the food sources, amounts and timing will make or break the results you see and the fitness, health and wellness you experience. 

    80/20 Rule to Success 

    Have you heard any of the following sayings?

    • You can’t out-exercise a poor diet
    • Abs are made in the kitchen
    • You are what you eat

    Approximately 80% of your overall fitness, health, and wellness success will be determined by nutritional choices and therefore, why we are focusing today solely on nutrition.

    This tends to be the hardest part of the process for many, due to the poor nutritional habits they have developed and in some cases had their entire lifetime. Difficulty consistently maintaining proper nutritional habits is the leading cause of failure and throwing in the towel before achieving desired results.    

    Count Macros & Make Them Count

    If you are unfamiliar with the term macronutrients it is simply a term to describe protein, carbohydrate, and fat. Each macronutrient serves its own purpose in our nutrition and has specific benefits when it comes to metabolic function and its corresponding role in our fitness, health & wellness. The key is to choose macronutrients that will help you achieve your goals, rather than causing you to take steps backward. 

    There are 4 sources that provide energy to the human body:

    Protein- this macronutrient provides 4 calories per gram and is responsible for helping to build and preserve lean muscle tissue. 

    Carbohydrate- this macronutrient provides 4 calories per gram and is responsible for helping energize the body. 

    Fat- this macronutrient provides 9 calories per gram and is responsible for not only energizing the body but also helping to regulate hormone levels.

    Alcohol- this is not considered a macronutrient, but it is the fourth caloric category providing 7 calories per gram, however, it has zero nutritional value. 


    All food is broken down into macronutrients, but not all macronutrients are the same.  In simple terms, Source Matters! It is important to choose quality food sources providing protein, carbohydrate, and fat.


    Tracking your macros or eating specific nutrient amounts either by meal or by day is one of the most successful methods to ensure your body receives exactly what is required (not less and not more) to achieve your optimal body.   Knowing the specific amounts can be determined through a series of calculations specific to each individual.

    TIMING MATTERS -The Magic of Time Restricted Eating! 

    A critical success factor and cornerstone of the magic of optimal eating is not only the sources or “what” you eat, but potentially even more important is “when” you eat. We have all heard the phrase, timing is the key to life. I am here to tell you that timing is everything when it comes to nutrition, as well. The timing of the foods combined with the sources are the foundation to many of your hormonal reactions. Success of your fitness, health & wellness can be directly related to what you eat and when, in order to optimize your hormones and your results.


    While it is not easy to achieve your dream body it is relatively simple.  Focus on consuming quality sources of protein, carbohydrates & fats. Count macros to help achieve the right amounts to reach your specific goals and consider trying Intermittent Fasting or Time Restricted Eating to best manage your nutrient timing.  



    Chris Thompson is a 30 year veteran in the nutrition & fitness industry, an entrepreneur and former c-suite executive for a publicly traded nutraceutical company and founder & CEO of CRUSH1 NUTRITION & CRUSH1 COACHING.  He is passionate about optimizing human performance and body composition through nutrition and resistance training with a unique focus on health, wellness, and anti-aging. His long list of success stories includes Rockstars, Fashion Models, Executives, Busy Moms and just about every walk of life. Chris is an author and thought leader and his expertise and programs have been seen by global audiences and featured at bodybuilding.com.

    Empower Yourself In 6 Minutes (SPEECH) by Brendan Meyers

    Empower Yourself In 6 Minutes (SPEECH) by Brendan Meyers

    The workweek has come to an end. That means in this Quick Time Friday, it is time to recharge the energy we’ve used up and come into a moment to empower ourselves. Brendan Meyers gives your dose of motivation in six minutes. Let everything sink in and believe that life is in your favor.

    (This is a guest post from The CreateU Experience with Brendan Meyers. Original link at the bottom of this post)

    Listen to this episode via Apple Podcasts here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-createu-experience/id1459343228

    Your Dose of Motivation

    I want you to take a moment and close your eyes. I don’t know if you are on your computer, on Instagram, at work. Go to a quiet room, whatever you’ve got to do and close your eyes. This is going to be absolutely pivotal in your life. I want you to imagine you’re at a perfect family dinner. Keep those eyes closed and pay close attention. This is one of the most incredible and empowering blogs you’ve ever read on the CreateU Experience Quick Time Friday. Your perfect family dinner, maybe you’re smelling the meatballs and you love Turkey meatballs. Maybe you’re vegan. You smelled up beautiful tofu. Maybe you’re making pizza, you’re Italian. You have a four-course meal or you got a barbecue, whatever that perfect family dinner is.

    You’re sitting there, the silverware is there. Maybe you are all using your hands. Whatever that feeling is, just sit there and feel the energy, good food. It smells delicious. You have love around you. You have appreciation around you. Everyone is trusting you at that moment because the people that you love most are sitting around this table. Your mom and dad, everyone is alive. It doesn’t matter. Your brother, your sister, it could be your cousin, your niece, your nephew, your grandfather, your grandmother. Think of everyone in your family, the people that you love most, the people that you would die for, the people that have trusted you, the people that you trust and there is no foul emotion. There are only love and appreciation. The energy is booming in the room. Feel that. Sit with that. Let it sink in.

    I want you to listen closely, all of the chatter, everyone’s talking about, “At school, this happened. Do you remember when this happened?” Think back to something that you’ve accomplished and you are so happy with. Don’t imagine anything else, but just that moment in that room. I want you to sit there and think about it. It’s something that you’ve accomplished, anything. You could have gotten an A on a test. You could have had someone acknowledge you. You could have made the football team. Maybe you made the dance team, whatever it is. You got your Instagram starting. You’re excited or that your favorite TV show came on that feeling. Imagine that feeling now. I want you to take a second and sit there and listen closely to all the cheering in the room. Your cousin, your sister, your dad, your brother, your mom, your grandmother, even the dog, they’re all clapping. They’re all cheering. They’re cheering for you, the excitement for you.

    The rest of your family is just cheering and cheering. They say this, whispering in the room, not even from them, the energy in the room and they say, “I love you,” each and every person and the room goes quiet. They say, “I love you.” On top of that, they proceed to say, “I support you no matter what.” Did you get goosebumps yet? Each person in that room opens up their mouth and they say, “No matter what you do, I will always love you for who you are, who you want to be.” Go ahead and open up your eyes. How do you feel? Do you feel empowered? Do you know that your family has your back? Do you know that you have your own back? That whatever happens, you have that hand pushing you out the door to take the next step. Maybe you don’t have legs, maybe you’re in a wheelchair, maybe you’re sick, maybe a disease came upon you, or maybe you just defeated something. Whoever you are, whatever you feel like you are, wherever you are, it does not matter where you are in your life because your vision starts now.

    Everything in the past has worked towards your favor now. Life is in your favor. What are you going to do about it? All this love, all this inspiration, all this empowerment, all this trust, you are your own family and maybe you’re even blessed to have a family around you. Always remember, you not only have your own back, but the impossible is so much more possible than you could ever imagine. When you look at it, when you think about it and you meditate once again with something similar to what you read on this blog, you’ll remember, you’ll know, it will hit you in your gut. That not only are you going to create you, but your vision is going to come to life. Keep pushing. That’s all I have for you. Quick Time Friday in full swing, I love you. Keep working hard. Keep appreciating yourself. Keep trusting not only you, but the people around you and your vision will boom greater than you could ever have imagined.

    Original Post: https://createuagency.com/episode-32-empower-yourself-in-6-minutes-speech/