Forever Strong - A New, Science- Based Strategy for Aging Well by Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

My friend, Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, is one of *those* people.

Forever Strong - Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

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She’s got full-on 6 pack abs.

Always full of energy.

And she’s just an amazing, positive person to be around.

I ask her all the time how she manages to look so amazing and have the time to raise her young children and run a successful medical practice and online business… in her 40’s! 

Her answer: it’s because she lives a Muscle- Centric lifestyle. 

At first, I didn’t understand what she meant… but then she explained to me that everything we’ve learned about weight loss is wrong…. 

That we have been focusing on the wrong thing. 

She told me “ we aren’t over fat, we’re under muscled”.  

She’s dedicated the last 20 years to researching nutrition and obesity, and discovered that obesity isn’t a battle of the belly, it’s a battle of the bicep. 

She went on to explain that anyone can dramatically change their body and have access to tons of energy and strength, at any age, if they eat and train the right way to support muscle health. 

I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty amazing to me.

Which is why I got so excited when she told me that she’s written a book detailing all of her nutrition and longevity secrets. 

She’s called it Forever Strong.

And it’s seriously powerful.

Right now, when you pre-order a copy of her book, she’ll send you additional bonuses worth well over $200…

Seriously, these are the kind of bonuses that can completely turn your health and your life around.

She’s even including an online video library of all the workouts she does to stay looking like a warrior-goddess.

Todd Abrams

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