Team ICON Meal Lynette Hoyle's Motivation: Results Are Never Instant!

You’ve been getting back to working out consistently and eating well, and you’re not seeing changes in your body or the scale yet.⁣

Maybe it’s been a week, maybe it’s been a month, but either way - that feeling of “I’ve been working for nothing” is a hard feeling to deal with, and it’s often that belief that starts to unravel our resolve to KEEP staying consistent, right?⁣

Because why do something that isn’t working… right?⁣

But here’s the thing.⁣

Picture a huge cruise ship heading straight toward another ship, miles ahead. The captain calls the order to turn the ship to head in another direction. So they do - the rudders move and the ship is technically turning, but the process is usually inconceivable at first. Passengers on the ship usually can’t tell at all that the ship has changed directions. Even for a while, it may look like the ship is still heading toward the other ship.⁣

But it’s not.⁣

That one decision (and action) to shift the rudders to change direction created the impact needed to shift that ship in a TOTALLY different direction, miles away from the other ship.⁣

It just took some time to see that. But after a little bit of time - the change in direction was undeniable, and it saved the entire ship from an unfortunate fate.⁣

And you’re doing that same thing every day with your better choices.⁣

It may feel like “another workout” and “just another day of eating well”, and you may think “I’ve been doing this for 10 days and nothings changed”, but the truth is - ⁣

EVERYTHING has changed. You just can’t see it yet.⁣

Keep going. You will. 💜⁣

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