Mark Lost 100 lbs With These 8 Simple Rules

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Mark Bell is a dedicated athlete, entrepreneur, and family man. After suffering from a major injury, Mark decided that it was time begin his next chapter and make a change. Fast forward to today, Mark has lost over 100 pounds and completely transformed his life by following these 8 simple rules, and you can too!

1. WALK -
Move! At least 3x/day. During your lunch break? Instead of that smoke break, maybe it’s 5 minutes out and 5 minutes back.

I recommend, if you’re new to fasting to do it every other day! Just want you to adapt to the feeling of being hungry.

3. MEAL PREP - personally, I’m not a fan of prepping my meals but that’s why I use @iconmeals. I’m less likely to cheat or make bad decisions when food is already prepared. Side effect: less money spent out at the bar or restaurant.

4. EAT VEGGIES - “but but but people’s Coach, you said veggies are bad!” No no no. I think that people too heavily rely on them for nutrition, BUT if you’re in a caloric deficit and HUNGRY you’re less likely to reach for chocolate if you’re stuffed to the gills with heavy green veggies. It will fill you up. My only caveat to this, you must finish your protein before you finish your veggies... I don’t wanna hear “I’m too full to finish this chicken”

5. KEEP PROTEIN HIGH — I personally choose protein leveraging. Example: before my meal, I’ll enjoy some protein like a chicken breast before my actual meal. I’m less likely to binge on the fun stuff like carbs or fats because I’m full. Every person should be getting 1g/ per pound of body weight MINIMUM.

6. CUT CALORIE DRINKS - smoothies, juices, etc are marketed as “healthy” when all too often they are pumped with processed sugar, etc. People will rely on these and ignore protein & proper nutrient from other sources of foods. Ditch the juice and drink some water. I use @drinklmnt in my water to ensure I have enough electrolytes so I’m hydrated during my workouts.

7. KEEP IT SIMPLE - keep your habits so simple, so easy that they are hard to say no to. Example: pop on the stair master for 5 minutes before and after my workout. That’s simple enough, right? Simple = repeatable. Compliance is the science!

8. OCCUPY YOUR MIND — get after something you love to do. A hobby like lifting is something I’ve been doing since I was 12. So it’s my go-to


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