3 Ways to Reheat ICON Meals

Each meal is cooked in our kitchen prior to delivery, therefor the food is safe to eat (even when cold). While many ICONS use the microwave for its connivence, we encourage you to try the following methods to bring life and richness into your food!

Microwave: Need a quick and healthy meal without the fuss of cooking? Use the microwave, and you're eating in less than 4 minutes! See the image above.

Stovetop: If you enjoy the addition of sauces or dry spices, the stove-top is your best friend! To begin, remove the film, place food in medium-high skillet, and cover. Stir occasionally until food reaches desired temperature.

Air fryer: You've got to try this one! Preparation is similar to the stovetop. Remove film, place food in air fryer basket, heat until warm. Some say that the air fryer results in  a "fresher" taste than any other method.

3 Ways To Reheat ICON Meals