4 Tips For a Better Relationship With Food

2 minute read from ICON Meals collaborator, Meal Prep On Fleek! 

In a world where New Year's Resolutions mean “lose a ton of weight”...we want to share with you a different way to do your resolutions.

While losing weight and getting stronger is a wonderful way to kickstart your path to a healthier life, we also want you to focus on your emotional well-being, including the relationship you have with food.

If you are one of those people who struggle with food, like many of us, just know you’re not alone, and that there are a couple of things you can do to have a better relationship with food in 2022.


  • Don’t judge yourself anymore if you overeat from time to time. It happens to all of us.
  • Start keeping the food you love in the house. Treat yourself a bit and enjoy the things you really like. Life is too short not to!
  • Allow all different types of food. Carbs are not evil...give yourself grace, and enjoy them too!
  • Let go of the idea that you have to be perfect. Just do things that will make you feel better, do more for yourself, and try to let go of whatever is holding you back from loving yourself to the fullest.


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