Jessica Rose-Clark, ICON Meals Athlete: How Quarantine Made Me Refocus

So, I’m going to hazard a guess and say the majority of you have chosen to or been forced to quarantine during these last few months of crazy! I definitely have been and believe me, I can only imagine how difficult it has been for the rest of you, because I for sure didn’t find it easy.

As you may or may not know, I am a Professional Fighter, currently fighting for the Ultimate Fighting Championship better known as UFC. My life literally consists of training, eating, recovering, sleeping. That is it! 

I can train anywhere between 4-8 hours depending on that day’s schedule. So as you can imagine, going from that much physical output to NADA due to quarantine, was a little rough!

When your days are spent expending as much energy as I do, you’re usually spending a lot of time consuming an equal or greater amount of calories! And having your daily energy expenditure suddenly cut, can lead to disaster if your nutrition doesn’t follow suit.

Thank goodness for ICON Meals! I am so grateful that the company still supported me, even when I was unable to do my job due to the gym being closed and no fight events being run. The amazing pre-made meals allowed me to cut my calories down to match my physical output, without too much restriction!

Really though, the quarantine has actually been a beautiful thing. Maybe not for everyone, but definitely for myself and those close to me. In this industry, it’s easy to be all consumed by your training and trying to hit goals. It’s easy to burn out and not even realize that you need a break. It’s easy to neglect your friendships and relationships because you are so focused on what you just did at training or what you’re about to do in the next session or the next day. Quarantine took all of that away. It forced me to slow down. It forced me to rest. It forced me to really sit down and look at what I am doing with my life. And you know what? There were a lot of things that I needed to start prioritizing. I was neglecting a lot of things due to spending all of my time, energy and focus on training.

Since being forced to slow down..

  • I have been able to put more energy into rebuilding my body and healing injuries.
  • I’ve hit some of my lifting PRs that I had set for myself years ago.
  • I’ve been able to spend more time with my two super naughty, but super cute puppies.
  • I’ve broken down and rebuilt my relationship.
  • I’ve started writing blogs again (as you can see ha ha) and spent time learning new skills.
  • I bought a bow and arrows and have been practicing archery. I also started using throwing knives and axes which is so much fun!

It has been so nice just HAVING free time to use however I want! No phone calls or text messages from my Coach asking why I’m not at the gym. No stress! No worries!

Anyway, I have enjoyed quarantine, but I, like most of you, am very VERY excited to get back to work! I am looking forward to getting back to full time training, having recovered and learned how to put my wellbeing first. I can only foresee a greater athletic capability due to the recovery and injury prioritization I put in through quarantine!

I hope all of you found some beauty in this time...

I am a firm believer in everything happening for a reason, even if that reason doesn’t become apparent till far into the future. I am fortunate that I saw the lesson I needed to learn, at the beginning of this crazy time, and was able to put my energy into a lot of positive things. And if you haven’t found your meaning, or the beauty in this time, I feel for you. And I pray that the lesson becomes clear for you soon! Until then, stay safe, stay healthy and stay happy.


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