Easy Tips For Eating Healthy on the Road

When you’re on the road, whereas for business or vacations, it’s easy to lose track of your diet and fall down the sidelines, we tend to think that eating healthy on the road is impossible. But, with some preparations, clever planning, and the tips below, you’ll see eating healthy while traveling is reasonably achievable. 

1. Bring Plenty of Snacks

Start by packing smartly. Bring with you as many healthy snacks as possible. When we say pack smart is about bringing nutrient-dense, travel-friendly snacks that will sustain you. Think of snacks like beef jerky, dark chocolate, peanut butter, and nuts. You can also get powdered greens and freeze-dried fruits for smoothies. 

2. Scan the Menu

The most challenging part of eating healthy on the road is picking food whenever you stop. If you stop at a gas station, you’ll only find fast-food chains. However, even there, you can make healthy choices. Instead of the fried chicken sandwich, get a grilled one; instead of the chicken nuggets, try a salad with grilled chicken; instead of the sugary soda, try a sugar-free lemonade. Scan the menu for different options that won’t hinder your healthy eating habits. 

3. Practice Portion Control

While we’re talking about food on the road, let’s talk about portion control. Most fast-food chains and roadside restaurants serve giant portions of their meals. If you stop at a restaurant, immediately ask for a box and save half of the portion for later. 

4. Consider Healthier Alternatives

Every time we eat, we can make decisions to include healthier alternatives. Even if you walk into a buffet, you can choose grilled or steamed over fried foods. Opt to change your sides from potatoes and rice to steamed vegetables and complex carbs instead. When making meal decisions on the road, do your best to look for healthier alternatives that will still help you feel satisfied. 

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5. Don’t Skip Meals

Lastly, while it might make sense to skip meals to stay “healthy” on the go, the side effects are entirely the opposite. Skipping meals slows down your metabolism but eventually comes back swinging with extreme cravings for everything salty, fatty, and sugary. Opt for smaller meals throughout the day to keep your body and metabolism running. That’s why bringing healthy snacks such as berries, hard-boiled eggs, dried fruit, and hummus is critical to eating healthy on the road. 

Geraldine Orentas is a writer in partnership with Faxage online faxing service for traveling professionals.

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