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    Keto Friendly

    With only 3g total carbs, the ICON Wag Bar is the perfect high protein Keto snack.

    High Protein

    High quality beef = high quality protein! Each Wag Bar includes 14-15g of protein.

    100% Wagyu Beef

    Made from 100% American Wagyu Beef. We use the best, because you deserve the best.

    (Video) ICON Wag Bar First Taste with Bartley Weaver

    A Cut Above The Rest

    The Wag Bar is the only high protein snack made with 100% American Wagyu beef from cows treated the way we treat the world: with kindness. We handpicked our ranchers because they do things the right way.

    Environmentally Conscious.
    Health Focused.

    ✅ Made from 100% American Wagyu beef from cows born and bred on U.S. ranches.

    ✅ Our Wag Bar beef is 100% American Wagyu and contains absolutely NO antibiotics, nitrates or added hormones.

    ✅ Our cows eat a 100% vegetarian diet.