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    Changing The Game With Snacks & Seasonings

    From protein-packed popcorn to savory seasonings, we've got you covered. Who says healthy snacking has to be boring?

    Protein Popcorn

    Flavored & Protein Packed

    "This is my favorite sweet, high protein snack. The popcorn is the perfect blend of sweet & salty & a serving is perfect to satisfy cravings! Love this product!"
    - Elizabeth S. Verified Review

    • ✓ 10g protein per serving
      ✓ 4 servings per bag
    • ✓ Resealable bag
    • ✓ Non-GMO & gluten free


    Make Any Meal Iconic

    "Oh my goodness. Your seasonings are so fresh and different than anything I've ever tasted!  I will be purchasing more when these are all gone!"
    - Ashley H. Verified Review

    • ✓ Perfect for meats & veggies
      ✓ 200 Servings
    • ✓ Incredible Flavors
    • ✓ 0-2 Carbs

    Protein Coffee

    Fuel Your Day

    "I love this protein coffee that Icon offers. Tastes great and really is what I need to start my day."
    - Eddie P. Verified Review

    • ✓ 20g protein per serving
      ✓ 150mg of caffeine
    • ✓ nootropic Cognizin®
    • ✓ Non-GMO & gluten free

    Wagyu Bar

    High-Protein Snacking

    "Tastes great, a perfect snack for high protein, lower carb diet! Highly recommend!"
    - Ron E. Verified Review

    • ✓ 14/15g protein per serving
      ✓ Keto friendly
    • ✓ 100% American Wagyu Beef
    • ✓ 3-5 Carbs

    Protein Bread

    15g Protein Per Slice

    "Excellent bread. I have it every morning to increase my protein intake. Will definitely be ordering again!"
    - Robert C. Verified Review

    Protein Crisps

    20g Protein Per Bag

    "I got the BBQ and nacho flavors which were so good. I easily ate 4 bags. That’s how good and addicting they were lol"
    - Christina A. Verified Review


    "To me it taste it Captain Crunch Berries but better! It’s not overly sweet and has a boost of protein!"
    - Yvette F.. Verified Review

    Protein Popcorn: Freedom Strawberry, Vanilla, & Blueberry

    "Great product for a healthy snack."
    - Calvin B. Verified Review

    Wag Bar: Variety Pack

    "what else can I say, I put this on my sweet potatoes and let me tell you, mmmmmmmm"
    - Gabriel Z. Verified Review

    ICON Seasoning: Cinnamon Honey Butter

    "I love it! It tastes great and an easy way to get extra protein in."
    - Alex H. Verified Review

    ICON Protein Coffee