Conquer The Weekend

            Friday at last!  You might be just counting down the seconds until your work week is behind you and a couple days of decompression and release is in your near future.  We all have our lazy weekends, but the key is to not have one EVERY weekend.  If you’re one that has some trouble staying on track with your goals during the weekend, take a peek at some quick tips we put together that may help! 

            You’re off of work, not life.  We all need rest days, but you should still be somewhat active, even on the relaxing days.  Start each morning with a big cup of water and a walk/jog.  You don’t have to go to the gym or seek vigorous exercise, but you should still start your day with some sort of movement to keep your metabolism running strong.  Being even mildly active first thing in the morning usually sets a great pace for the rest of your day.

            H2O is and always will be your best friend.  Try to get in as much water as you can during the day.  Night-life plans, or not, you will always be better off saving those liquid calories for your time out on the town.  If you do go out, try to again end your night with more water.  Hydration is key!

           If you do want to work out, try and go with a friend.  Maybe you have another friend who needs some extra motivation like yourself?  It’s always good to work out, but even better when you have some accountability with you to make that workout a GREAT one.  Seek out some friends and maybe make it a group thing on the weekends for everyone to enjoy.

           Enjoy yourself!  Grab that cheat meal, crush some cookies, etc.  Just remember, it’s a cheat meal, not a cheat day.  Might we suggest some ICON Meals ICONIC Protein Cookies ;-).


It’s the weekend!  Now go out and make it an ICONIC weekend.