Todd Abrams' Saturday Sweat Session: Crushing Goals and Building the Life You Want

How are you guys crushin' life and doing things big in 2023? Hopefully you're on a roll and things are working in your favor because you set up the plan, the blueprint.

Right now, I'm actually in the gym...

I don't want to be in here this afternoon, I'd love to be outside. But, I'm in here crushing it. Why? Because, I need it mentally. I need it physically. It puts me in my place and allows me to be a better person to other people!

The gym allows me to focus on doing things at a much higher level, because my mind's right and my body's right.

Are you setting yourself up to be in the best physical shape you can be?
Are you putting in the work mentally, to be the strongest you can be? Are you spiritually grounded, where you need to be?

If you're a business owner, are you putting everything that you have into that business? No "Plan B", nothing else. Build and build and build and build.
Don't look back. Look forward to where you're going. You deserve to make 2023 your best year yet!

So... Get after it today!

Then, wake up tomorrow morning ready to go and do whatever it takes. There is no plan B! You're in charge... You're in control.

You are responsible and you are building the life that you want to live.




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