5 Tips To Stay On Track This Thanksgiving by Shaun Standridge

Thanksgiving is around the corner and for many, this time of year is an opportunity to enjoy tasty food with friends and family.

For others, this time of the year can be difficult to stay focused on their goals and a time full of guilt and anxiety.

It doesn’t have to be like that!

Here are 5 tips to help you enjoy your Thanksgiving while staying on track!

1. Focus on getting in a good workout leading up to the big day 

Getting in movement is the best way to make sure your body is able to utilize all the yummy food you will eat! Strength training will help that food turn into Wycked muscle.

2. Drink lots of water first thing Thanksgiving morning to start your day on the right track

Getting in your water will make sure you are hydrated and your body is functioning optimally to flush out toxins and keep all your organs working the best they can.

3. Fill up on mostly protein and vegetables

You may feel like the black sheep of your family because you are someone that consistently eats nourishing foods and maybe your family doesn't quite get that... If you are worried there might not be some dishes that you can love and fill up on, bring a dish yourself to share! Fill your plate with mostly protein and vegetables and eat your breads and all the carbs goodies at the end. This way you will feel satiated and will get in a more balanced meal rather than filling up on sweets and bread before you get in your protein and veggies! 

4. Don't stress!! 

Any day that you get to spend with your loved ones enjoying delicious food and quality time is a day to be celebrated! Don't allow feelings of guilt or anxiety to set in! Eat your grandma's famous pie or your Aunt's pumpkin cookies and enjoy every single bite. Listen to your body and know when you are satiated. Allow yourself to indulge but be aware if you are overindulging to the point you are miserable. 

5. Go for a walk after your meal

Walking helps your body digest. To feel your best, make it a tradition for you and your family to get in some sort of movement after the meal to get your digestion working. The worst thing you can do is stuff your face and then just lay on the couch all day. 


To feel your best, get in a good workout beforehand, drink lots of water, enjoy all the amazing food! Focus on prioritizing protein and veggies first before the sweets, don't stress, and get in some movement after the meal! Don't try to do extra cardio or beat yourself up in the gym, go about your next day as you normally would with your healthy routine! One day isn't going to set you back. Enjoy your holiday everyone!  

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