Staying True to Your New Year's Resolution: Mike O'Hearn

Have you already slipped?

Or are you staying true to your New Year's Resolution?

Because we're almost two weeks in and this is when the majority fall off their path

But If you slipped, understand that it’s okay...

The important part is for you to understand why you slipped

Here are 5 reasons you might have slipped your New Year's resolution:

1. Not prioritizing - instead of scheduling your day around your goal, you put it on the back burner thinking “I’ll get to it”

2. Lacking roadmap - You understood the destination but overlooked the exact steps required to get there.

3. You hit a wall - you stopped progressing because you hit a plateau and the lack of results demotivated you.

4. Times are tough - Something happened in your life that made it more difficult to stay on course. Instead of making sacrifices for your goal, you sacrificed your goal.

5. You burned out - If you came out of the gates giving it 100%, most likely you burned out.

Instead, start slow and ease into it. Consistency is always better than quality.
I understand what it’s like to go through struggles.

Here’s an example:
Both of my parents died. That was one of the most depressing moments of my life, I’ll admit, sometimes I didn't even want to train. But I persisted, I stayed consistent and I never faltered.

Here’s my secret: I didn't do it alone. I wouldn't have been able to accomplish what I have if I was alone.

So why are you trying to?

You need a group of people you can talk to and ask questions... Questions like, how do you get through bumps in the road? Find somebody who has been through it and can help guide you when you veer off your path. Like a mentor. It’ll shave years of unnecessary struggles off your life. Anyways, it’s time I get my second training in.

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- The Titan Mike O’Hearn, 4x Mr. Universe