How Important Is Post-Workout Recovery? by Mike O'Hearn

(Guest post by The Titan Mike O'Hearn) Most people think breaking down the muscle is the King Of The Iron Throne when it comes to gains and that’s a myth…⁣

You Can Only Train As Well As You Recover ⁣

I've won Mr. Universe 4 times…⁣ I’ve won California powerlifting…⁣

Pretty much anything I compete in I’ve won and I want you to win too.⁣

FACT: I didn’t do it by outworking my competitors inside the gym.⁣

I won because I outworked them the 22 hours outside the gym⁣

Think about it🤔

When you train you break down the muscle.⁣

We all know this.⁣

The body then adapts and creates more muscle fibers to become bigger and stronger...⁣

Except that whole process relies on 1 HUGE concept that 99% get wrong.😧


People focus on eating healthy while I eat right.⁣

People take rest days while I take recovery days.⁣

I want you to catch up to me and the good news is you can but...⁣ will never happen WITHOUT recovery as The King Of The Iron Throne.⁣


✅ Recovery isn't just about building strength and muscle⁣

✅ Recovery promotes true longevity.⁣

✅ Recovery correlates with how long you’ll be on this planet.⁣

Want to test this proof of concept?⁣

Eat terrible food and sleep for 2 hours a day.⁣

Let me know how that works out 😳

So now is the time to decide.⁣

Guest post by The Titan Mike O'Hearn (IG @mikeohearn)