The Ultimate Guide to Meal Prep by Kiki McClellan

Introducing Kiki McClellan, ICON Meals’ resident fitness expert and meal prepping queen!

Kiki is a NASM certified personal trainer and fitness nutritionist with a passion for helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. In this blog post, she’s sharing her tips and advice on how to meal prep with ICON Meals, so you can simplify your life and eat cleaner without spending hours in the kitchen.

Hey, ICON Meals fam! I'm about to give you the 411 on meal prepping. If you're anything like me, you know how hectic life can get. Between work, workouts, and everything else life throws our way, who has the time to cook every meal? But before you reach for that questionable take-out menu, let me introduce you to the magic of meal prepping – the Kiki way!  

Why Bother with Meal Prepping?

The simple answer? Because meal prepping is your ticket to simplifying your life. Not only does it save precious time and coins, but it's also a goldmine for anyone trying to eat cleaner. Even though I live this life day in and day out doesn’t mean I don’t need help or assistance with my meal prep.  ICON meals makes it easy for both myself and my husband to stay on track with our fitness goals. And who's got your back in this culinary adventure? ICON Meals, of course! 

Kiki's Picks from ICON Meals:

Keep it Snazzy, Keep it Simple: Picking the right meals for yourself is a treat! With ICON Meals, you're truly spoiled for choice. Not sure where to kick things off? My personal fav is their 12/24 meal Chef Box – it's like a delightful foodie surprise each time with no decision fatigue!


  • DIY Enthusiasts, Listen Up: Fancying a bit of mix and match? ICON Meals has an incredible selection of Bulk Items. From proteins to veggies to carbs, create your meal masterpiece without the fuss of chopping and cooking. 
  • Organize Your Foodie Life: Planning is key. Jot down a meal plan, stick it on your fridge, and never have that "What's for dinner?" panic moment again.
  • Zero Guesswork: All of ICON's meals come pre-cooked, sealed, and labeled. Just warm it up, and you're good to go. Plus, with all the nutritional info and dates clearly mentioned, you know exactly what's going into your body.

Why ICON Meals Rocks the Meal Prep Game:

  • Just the Right Amount: Their pre-portioned meals mean no guesswork and zero food waste.
  • Always Ready: With freezer-friendly options, you always have a tasty meal waiting for you.
  • Only the Best: I'm talking top-notch ingredients that make every meal an event!

Unleashing Your Inner Chef with ICON Meals:

  • Creativity is Key: Think of ICON Meals as your culinary canvas. Mix, match, and create – the possibilities are truly endless.
  • Flavor Adventures Await: With an array of cuisines, step out of your comfort zone and indulge in a global gastronomic journey.
  • Snack Attack: Let's not forget those in-between moments. Stock up on some wholesome protein snacks to keep you fueled and fabulous.

    Meal prepping with ICON Meals is like having your personal chef, but without the celebrity price tag. The variety that ICON offers is really perfect for myself, my clients /athletes, and just the everyday busy people who are trying to have or continue to have a healthy lifestyle, whether that be the:

    • Signature Meals to add variety to our healthy lifestyle
    • Customized meals for both breakfast, lunch and dinner which allow me to follow a more structured approach when I'm close to a competition or need to dial things in a bit more for an event
    • or the buy in bulk options which allows me to get creative in the kitchen without having to make EVERYTHING from scratch.

    Having prepped meals allows me to focus more on my business as a coach (while also setting a good example) as well as helping me push towards my goals of being a successful Bikini pro. 

    So, ICON fam, are you ready to dive into a world of delicious convenience? Trust me, once you start, there's no turning back!

    Stay hungry, stay healthy!

    Kiki McClellan IFBB Bikini Pro - @kikerslaugh_ifbbpro

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