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    ICON Meals Catoring To The Competitor In Each Of Us

    ICON Meals Blog — meal prep

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    Our FREE gift to you! 30 Day At-Home Workout

    Our FREE gift to you! 30 Day At-Home Workout

    "I'm using this quarantine as my own personal Bootcamp."

    Every day I train myself mentally, physically, and spiritually. I may not understand exactly what’s going on in the world or why, but what I can see, and what my eyes & ears are very alert to, is the opportunity to gain strength & endurance.

    I’ve learned from personal experience that hardship, pattern interrupts, and forced periods of patience, are all unique opportunities for exponential growth...

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    5 Easy Habits For Staying Healthy At Home

    5 Easy Habits For Staying Healthy At Home

    Want A Better Body? Here’s 5 Easy Habits

    Since you’re reading this email, I know that you’re a health-conscious, fitness-minded person in quest of your best body ever.

    You likely exercise regularly. You watch what you eat. You keep up-to-date on the latest health concerns. You don’t binge on sugar. You never eat fast food. Well, almost never.

    But you do have a few unhealthy skeletons in your closet – ones that you probably aren’t even aware of.

    Here are 5 easy habits to cranking up your fitness results.

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    ICON Meals: Delivering Safe & Clean Meals to your Doorstep

    ICON Meals: Delivering Safe & Clean Meals to your Doorstep

    Everywhere you turn everyone is talking about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) as it is all over every media outlet. Some folks are worried about not being able to get quality food from a trusted source. With ICON Meals, we’re the meal prep company you can trust!

    Corona Virus

    Are you worried about the Pandemic?

    It's a scary time for everyone as there is so much is still unknown. Everyone is trying to understand the magnitude of this outbreak and what ripple effect it will have on our lives.

    At ICON Meals, we focus on providing meals of the highest quality. Our kitchen is inspected by local, state and federal authorities and our meals are cooked by HACCP certified and trained culinary experts! Delivered to your door in vacuum-sealed packaging that extends the shelf life of the fresh meal along with the vital benefit of keeping all pathogens out.

    Safe, healthy, and contaminant free. The way your food... and family should be!

    On top of the policies and procedures we have had in place since inception we have elevated efforts in many areas:

    • We have enhanced the techniques used to sanitize and clean all preparation, cooking and plating surfaces.
    • Along with our regular cleaning schedule, we are implementing deep cleanings of our entire prep areas with additional recommended hospital-grade sanitizing products.

    • We are also paying special attention to common touchpoints throughout our entire facilities such as doorknobs, retail coolers, point of sale touchscreens, and all office and facility rest and break rooms.
    • In addition, we have added hand sanitizing stations outside of restrooms and door entrances to the warehouse and all kitchen entrances as another step taken to ensure all measures are being made to combat the virus.


      Rest assured all of our food and ingredients come from trusted sources and can be tracked through the entire cycle of the meal creation process. (See our Custom Meal options and Signature menu)

      We will continue to invest in new technology, packaging, training, and handling options so that you can rest assured as the consumer that you are receiving a safe product with the highest quality from a trusted partner.

      We wish the best for all of you and your loved ones. 

      Todd Abrams
      CEO/Co-Founder ICON Meals

      Train Like A Competitor - Full Week Workout & Meal Plan by Jesse James

      Train Like A Competitor - Full Week Workout & Meal Plan by Jesse James
      So, you’ve been going to the gym for a few years now, you no longer consider yourself to be a total noob in the gym, but you start noticing that once “beast mode” workout just isn’t cutting it anymore. What do you do now to re-ignite that fire you once had when you first stepped in the gym? Follow Jesse's week long workout plan and diet!

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