100 Triathlons, 100 Consecutive Days! Meet IRON Cowboy


Who is IRON Cowboy?

James Lawrence, commonly known as IRON Cowboy is a rare breed, a super-athlete - to say the least. 
Watch the video above to see how James eats and prepares for a record-breaking accomplishment. Back in 2015 James completed the impossible... The 50-50-50 project. 50 Ironman races, 50 States, 50 consecutive days.  
Yes, you heard that right. 
One Iron-distance triathlon race (ironman) consists of a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike and 26.2-mile run. 
Most competitors consider one Iron-distance triathlon race a lifetime achievement, James is shattering all expectations and reaching even further...

Introducing The Conquer 100 

100 Iron-distance triathlons, 100 consecutive days. 

We're following his journey, March 1, 2021 – June 8, 2021. 140.6 miles a day, for 14 weeks, totally 14, 060 miles. 

James uses ICON Meals for fuel, as he will need to consume a substantial amount of calories on a daily basis. Of course, James will be moving while consuming most of his calories, so there's no time to stop and cook.



James is now experiencing being the parent of four teenage girls and one son who is almost a teenager as well. After watching the documentary on Netflix for Operation Underground Railroad, he knew that he wanted to get involved. 

James contacted O.U.R. and was thrilled to create a partnership to raise money for the cause. Human trafficking is modern-day slavery, and James is excited to get involved in freeing modern-day slaves, particularly teenagers and children.



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