Where Are You On The Journey?

I would say most people want to be fit and healthy. Some are confused about how to start their journey, others know but can’t commit, and some are absolutely killing it!

Where are you in your journey?  It really doesn’t matter if you’re on day 1 or year 11. We can all learn something new and take to even greater heights.  I tend to start over every few months never reaching my peak. How do I change that? How do I stay focused long enough that you reach your body's potential? Do I know what that potential looks like? All of these questions and so much more run through my mind. 

I’ve found that you need not be an expert to start. You don’t need a grandiose plan.  You simply need to start. We all know oatmeal is a better choice than a donut. Unsweetened tea is a healthier option than cola. You don’t have to go grilled chicken and broccoli with water on day one...Baby steps. 

The same applies to workouts. You can’t expect to succeed if you do too much too quickly. That leads to frustration and eventually you just give up. I’ve experienced that first hand. Start with walking 3/4 days a week. Work your way up to 5 days. Add in some weight when lifting.

It’s easy to be on social media and feel like it is impossible for you to get there. (Wherever your there is) What you have to remember is that you aren’t “them”. You also don’t know what day they are on, Day 1 or Year 11.  Also understand that what you see on social media isn’t always real or earned.  Don’t fall into the trap of comparing yourself. 

Last, have you set goals?  They don’t have to be detailed down to the date and time and exact weight or waist size on Day 1. Start one step at a time and allow yourself to experience success.  Even the smallest successes are motivation to continue toward your goals.

Example: I’m going to walk 3 days for at least 20 mins this week. I’m going to replace those 3 Cokes a day with unsweetened tea. (Or maybe for you it’s more than that, your goal may be 1 Coke per day.) I’m going to replace the afternoon candy bar with an apple and some peanut butter. You get the point, make specific but attainable targets. Don’t change your goals, even if you struggle. Change your approach and believe that you’ll reach your goal even if it takes more than one Day 1.

Shonda has shared her transformation from overweight to super-fit mom on social media, and has amassed 2.5 million Instagram followers. She shares videos of her workouts, some of her favorite recipes, and photos of her progress on her page.

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