Empower Yourself In 6 Minutes (SPEECH) by Brendan Meyers

The workweek has come to an end. That means in this Quick Time Friday, it is time to recharge the energy we’ve used up and come into a moment to empower ourselves. Brendan Meyers gives your dose of motivation in six minutes. Let everything sink in and believe that life is in your favor.

(This is a guest post from The CreateU Experience with Brendan Meyers. Original link at the bottom of this post)

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Your Dose of Motivation

I want you to take a moment and close your eyes. I don’t know if you are on your computer, on Instagram, at work. Go to a quiet room, whatever you’ve got to do and close your eyes. This is going to be absolutely pivotal in your life. I want you to imagine you’re at a perfect family dinner. Keep those eyes closed and pay close attention. This is one of the most incredible and empowering blogs you’ve ever read on the CreateU Experience Quick Time Friday. Your perfect family dinner, maybe you’re smelling the meatballs and you love Turkey meatballs. Maybe you’re vegan. You smelled up beautiful tofu. Maybe you’re making pizza, you’re Italian. You have a four-course meal or you got a barbecue, whatever that perfect family dinner is.

You’re sitting there, the silverware is there. Maybe you are all using your hands. Whatever that feeling is, just sit there and feel the energy, good food. It smells delicious. You have love around you. You have appreciation around you. Everyone is trusting you at that moment because the people that you love most are sitting around this table. Your mom and dad, everyone is alive. It doesn’t matter. Your brother, your sister, it could be your cousin, your niece, your nephew, your grandfather, your grandmother. Think of everyone in your family, the people that you love most, the people that you would die for, the people that have trusted you, the people that you trust and there is no foul emotion. There are only love and appreciation. The energy is booming in the room. Feel that. Sit with that. Let it sink in.

I want you to listen closely, all of the chatter, everyone’s talking about, “At school, this happened. Do you remember when this happened?” Think back to something that you’ve accomplished and you are so happy with. Don’t imagine anything else, but just that moment in that room. I want you to sit there and think about it. It’s something that you’ve accomplished, anything. You could have gotten an A on a test. You could have had someone acknowledge you. You could have made the football team. Maybe you made the dance team, whatever it is. You got your Instagram starting. You’re excited or that your favorite TV show came on that feeling. Imagine that feeling now. I want you to take a second and sit there and listen closely to all the cheering in the room. Your cousin, your sister, your dad, your brother, your mom, your grandmother, even the dog, they’re all clapping. They’re all cheering. They’re cheering for you, the excitement for you.

The rest of your family is just cheering and cheering. They say this, whispering in the room, not even from them, the energy in the room and they say, “I love you,” each and every person and the room goes quiet. They say, “I love you.” On top of that, they proceed to say, “I support you no matter what.” Did you get goosebumps yet? Each person in that room opens up their mouth and they say, “No matter what you do, I will always love you for who you are, who you want to be.” Go ahead and open up your eyes. How do you feel? Do you feel empowered? Do you know that your family has your back? Do you know that you have your own back? That whatever happens, you have that hand pushing you out the door to take the next step. Maybe you don’t have legs, maybe you’re in a wheelchair, maybe you’re sick, maybe a disease came upon you, or maybe you just defeated something. Whoever you are, whatever you feel like you are, wherever you are, it does not matter where you are in your life because your vision starts now.

Everything in the past has worked towards your favor now. Life is in your favor. What are you going to do about it? All this love, all this inspiration, all this empowerment, all this trust, you are your own family and maybe you’re even blessed to have a family around you. Always remember, you not only have your own back, but the impossible is so much more possible than you could ever imagine. When you look at it, when you think about it and you meditate once again with something similar to what you read on this blog, you’ll remember, you’ll know, it will hit you in your gut. That not only are you going to create you, but your vision is going to come to life. Keep pushing. That’s all I have for you. Quick Time Friday in full swing, I love you. Keep working hard. Keep appreciating yourself. Keep trusting not only you, but the people around you and your vision will boom greater than you could ever have imagined.

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