Food Safety

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With nearly 30,000 sqft. of facility space in Texas, we have and continue to make investments in leading edge cook/chill technology and conveyor plating systems. Each and every one of our meals is packed and sealed in a 38 degree cold packaging room to maintain ultimate freshness of our product.



Not all food-prep companies are created equal! We are inspected daily by the State of Texas Health Department. All of our label claims and Nutrition Fact statements are FDA compliant and have been lab tested by a third party guaranteeing accuracy. We are a HACCP compliant facility (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) following documented and state approved SOP’s and SSOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures and Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures).

ICON Meals Products



Quality and safety are top priority in our kitchens. Our food products are carefully sourced and received each day, from the highest quality food purveyors in town, including local farms. Regular quality assurance visits to all suppliers are made by our Culinary Officers and purchasing partners in order to ensure compliance. Always fresh, never frozen, our meals are prepared from scratch every day under the supervision of our Culinary Officers and in-house Dietitian.

ICON Meals Processes



We are a licensed food manufacturer and state inspected Texas meat & poultry facility. There are a lot of ready-made meal companies out there, but the majority of these businesses are not legally able to sell meals wholesale; however most of the wholesale accounts aren’t aware of the laws preventing these sales or benefits of doing business with a certified kitchen.

All foods are handled and prepared by trained employees wearing hair protection and gloves. Color-coded food preparation equipment and utensils ensure food ingredients are at minimized risk of cross-contamination. ICON Meals is audited regularly by local, state and national agencies to ensure compliance. We pride ourselves in attaining the highest audit scores. Our Department of Health Inspection results are available upon request. To ensure all meals remain at the optimum temperature during transport and upon delivery, we designed our own thermally-insulated cooler bag, which is packed with dry ice and sealed shut to ensure no tampering and that client’s meals arrive safely.

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